Spending some time indoors

In my part of the country, the winter season last for approximately six months.  The outside temperature is typically below freezing and sometimes drops below zero.  There is seldom a glimpse of the sun, and it snows all of the time.  Although I have lived in this area for nearly fifty years, I absolutely despise the winter weather.  In the winter, it is my goal to never leave the house.  I don’t even like to step outside and walk to the end of the driveway to get the mail.  I procrastinate over getting groceries for as long possible.  I dread taking out the garbage every week, hate shoveling the driveway, and I’m scared to drive on snowy roads.  It is fortunate that I work from home, because I rarely need to venture out.  Because I am trapped in the house for weeks at a time, I have invested quite a bit of money into a state-of-the-art heating system.  My furnace is a variable-speed model that achieves ninety-eight percent AFUE rating.  Having an especially energy efficient furnace is helpful, because I set the thermostat rather high.  I like to be nice and warm, but I don’t enjoy paying high monthly heating bills.  The furnace manages to keep costs low by automatically adjusting its speed of operation.  Instead of operating at full blast to reach thermostat settings and then completely shutting down, the furnace is capable of running at speeds anywhere between forty and one hundred percent capacity.  This allows the heater to cycle at lower capacity for longer duration, which provides more consistent temperature and lower sound levels.

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