Space heater safety

Having recently moved into a new “old” home, we have many expenses.  Due to the new house being in a new location we are struggling with the home repairs and what to address first.  One thing that has come to our attention is that our furnace may be less efficient than we would like.  We are also faced with replacing the roof, windows and doors.  All of these items will help us to be more comfortable in the winter months ahead.  The decision had to be made based upon priority and funds available.  We have chosen to utilize space heaters to supplement our heating needs for the time being.   After countless hours and wondering which one to choose, we contacted our local HVAC specialist.   Based on their recommendations we have found one that is not only effective for the space but more importantly safe.   Thousands of home fires occur each year due to mis-use of space heaters. Placing them too close to flammable items such as curtains or bedding can end with damaging and even deadly consequences.  The second concern of indoor space heaters is that of  dangerous indoor pollutants.  Carbon Monoxide is a odorless and deadly gas.  Your HVAC installation professional can ensure that the unit you purchase is vented properly if needed or is a ventless model that will keep you warm and safe.  It is unfortunate that too many people simply purchase a space heater and do not heed the warnings that come along with it.   Experts agree that an educated homeowner is less likely to run into a life threatening situation when understanding the dangers and hazards that can happen. Space heaters are a wise choice in many situations and can give you years of comfort when used properly.

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