Sometimes it’s worth it to do a HVAC inspection

Presently, I am sitting in a perfect temperature house on a 90 degree day with central AC unit running well and I’m feeling great. It is a cool temperature and the air feels so clean. This has only been a recent addition to my life and it feels like a luxury. I live in the excellent region of Western, New York the location where the winters are frigid and your summers are super hot and humid. As of about two months ago I was that individual who had fans everywhere and window air conditioning units placed throughout the house. This was such an inconvenience because I would have to turn each unit on and off to save energy but also keep it cool. So, looking at how much energy they fans and separate air conditioners were using I decided it was time for a change. I started doing research about HVAC systems and decided that a central AC system was what I wanted. I called my local air conditioning service specialist, and I haven’t had a better experience. I was able to schedule the actual AC installation within days of my calling them. They had the ability to work around my schedule and the installation process was super quick. It did take a little longer simply because they had to install new ductwork but they were upfront and honest about that. They were extremely informative when they were done and they took time to explain the warranty to me. They went over the AC maintenance programs that the company offered and they explained to me that it is good to service the unit annually. They also explained that there company is really good with AC repairs and they are quick and easy to schedule. Once they left I went along to my thermostat, set it at a desired temperature and haven’t been happier.

HVAC repair