Some easy tips for temperature control

Last month was very hectic for me.  I was totally overwhelmed with work.  I work nine to five from Monday to Friday, and I enjoy having my weekends off.  Because I could not complete all of my tasks in the normal workday, there was no way I could relax on the weekend.  I was feeling extremely stressed and having trouble sleeping.  I decided to head into the office on Saturday morning.  I was not happy about setting an alarm, scraping the ice off my car, and driving on snowy roads.  When I arrived at work, the parking lot had not been plowed.  I had to trudge through a foot of snow, and ended up with wet feet.  My office building was completely dark, with all of the doors locked.  I was thankful that I had remembered to bring my keys.  When I finally got settled at my desk, I couldn’t concentrate because I was shivering.  I figured that the heating system had been turned down to conserve energy while the building was unoccupied.  I located the thermostat and turned it up.  I waited to feel a rush of wonderfully warm air, but nothing happened.  I fiddled with the thermostat a while longer, but it was pointless.  I emailed my boss, asking if there was some way of getting heat in the office on a Saturday.  He responded that there was a problem with the heating system.  It was shut down for safety reasons.  An HVAC technician was scheduled to work on the equipment later in the day.  My boss was hopeful that we would have heat by Monday.

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