Smart tips for a duct cleaning

When I was in college, my advisor convinced me to try out different break programs in order to get ahead for grad school. My options were limited, since I was in school to study biology, specifically that in cold regions. I ended up being sent to a research outpost in Alaska,  to study the small mammals there. As soon as my plane landed, it felt like I had made a terrible mistake. Even though it was sunny outside, the air was cold enough to sting any exposed skin. The senior researcher came out to greet me, and when she saw the look on my face, she immediately welcomed me inside and got me some hot tea. Inside, it was much warmer, and I felt a great deal of relief when I found that my room was kept at the same temperature. I met my team the next day, and when I asked about the warmth, my team leader explained to me that most of the rooms were heated by a central boiler. The ducts were set up so that rooms that weren’t being used didn’t have to be heated to keep the whole complex warmed up. I was worried what we would do if the heating system gave out, but she assured me that there were several backups, including a very powerful generator that would allow the system to keep running without a hitch, even if something happened to the central power system. I was relieved to know that no matter how cold I was outside, I could come back inside and sit by the heater to get warmed up.residential HVAC