Signing up for a Service Plan

We recently bought a house in a fairly decent area, but far into the south where we found that air conditioning is a must! We started out with just stationary fans around the house thinking that would be enough with the windows open, but we couldn’t have been more wrong in every aspect. I never knew so much humidity and heat could go together! I told my husband that there was no way we were going to survive without an air conditioner! He promised to go and do some research online for a decent HVAC system that wouldn’t throw our budget out of whack. We considered maybe just buying a portable electric rolling heater and a couple of window air conditioner units to start, but it looked as if that could have been way more expensive than a full blown HVAC system. I told him that he really needs to do a bit more research online or at the very least call for an HVAC technician to come out to the house and do a full assessment of our needs. He agreed and last week we finally decided on an full blown HVAC system. It just seemed like the most logical and financially sound choice. It comes with a full maintenance plan which, let’s face it, we really both need. Neither of us is savvy on home projects. So, knowing we have a check up every once in awhile really gives peace of mind. They will check all the air vents, the ductwork and even clean and and change out all of the air filters and anything else that needs to be done. I love it!

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