Sick due to dirty HVAC

One of our friends from school call the other day to reschedule a lunch that we planned, i was easily disappointed because we had made the arrangements almost multiple months before plus I was really looking forward to having lunch, but she said she needed to cancel because she was sick and didn’t want to spread germs! When I asked her what was going on she said that she wasn’t sure however that most of the people she worked with had been ill for quite a while; They seemed to pass the illness from a single person to the next no matter what they did to try to avoid it, but after listening to her for a few hours it came to our attention that they may have an issue in their building with the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I asked her if she knew when the last time it had been serviced was, plus she said she had no plan however that she would ask her boss about it. I went on to explain to her that if the buildings ductwork plus filtration plan had not been cleaned recently it could simply be sending the germs back into the building on a proper basis. ┬áThis made her uneasy, so she asked the next day plus found that it had not been done in over 2 years, all they had done was change the actual filter however had never had the HVAC unit serviced. When she explain to her boss what I had recommended ┬áhe was easily responsive plus contacted the local Heating plus Air Conditioning company instantly because he wanted his employees to be healthy. It was costing him more to pay for sick days then it would be to pay to have the plan serviced, my acquaintance called me back plus thanked me for our advice plus said that she would adore to reschedule lunch for the following month.

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