Shivering while I am shopping

I love the holidays for many reasons. I get to be around close friends and family, I eat so much yummy food, and of course I get presents.  Seeing Christmas lights and decorations brings me so much joy and singing along to the constant Christmas music on the radio never gets old to me.  The only thing that seems to stress me out around this time each year is all the shopping that I have to do.  With so many siblings, aunts, uncles, and secret santa exchanges that I am a part of, I have a huge list of gifts I need to get each year.  I do enjoy giving the gifts, but it is the shopping for them that is daunting.  The mall is so crazy packed this time of year, lines are so long, and everyone is going just as crazy as I am.  This year I decided to try and get everything on my list at one department store so that I didn’t have to walk all over the mall for hours.  I got to this store early in the morning to try to avoid the rush, and as soon as I started shopping I noticed how absolutely freezing I was.  I had to keep my winter coat on inside, and my nose was as red as rudolph’s.  The heat must have been turned way down in this store.  I thought to myself, you would think that with all the traffic and business this store gets around the holidays they would make sure their HVAC system is in good working condition.  Although, as soon as people starting piling into the store and it got busy, I felt much warmer.  I think the heat was set low to counteract the chaos in the store, which creates its own heat.air conditioner