Setting your thermostat correctly

I woke up this morning to a chill in the air. I pulled the covers over my head so that my ears and nose would not be freezing anymore. Why was it so cold in my apartment? I didn’t know why, but all I knew was that I did not wish to get out of bed yet. It would take a lot of courage to stand up and actually remove myself from bed on this frigid morning. As far as I knew, the temperature outside was not supposed to be extremely cold last night. When I finally got out of bed, I walked right over to the thermostat and saw that it was 59 degrees in the apartment. I immediately woke my girlfriend up because I knew she had messed with the thermostat last night and caused the heating equipment to not turn on all night. When she awoke, I told her right away that she needs to learn how to use our thermostat. It is not entirely her fault because we grew up in houses with modern digital thermostats, but our apartment still utilizes one of those old manual thermostats. I tried to explain to her that she cannot turn the cooling equipment on just because she is a bit warm and then forget to turn it back to heat. This causes the furnace to never actually kick on throughout the night and leaves us with a chilly morning like the one we saw this morning. I hope she understands what i am trying to explain to her.

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