Setting your HVAC unit the right way

 I was sitting outside a well known chain restaurant on a hot summer day, waiting for a date to arrive. The heat was beating down and the sun kissed my skin. When she arrived, we greeted and headed into the restaurant. The doors opened and we were hit with a rush of cold air you could find in any business in the south. It was our first date, so we filled most of our time with small talk of work, family, and our futures. The waiter came by and asked us what we would like to drink. It was a warm day out, so I ordered an ice cold glass of water and a chilled beer and my date did the same. After a few minutes of sitting in this restaurant, we realized the air conditioning unit was on high. It was so warm outside, the restaurant was trying to compensate by having the HVAC unit on the highest setting possible. We were sitting under an air conditioning vent and it made the restaurant quite cold. Since it was the middle of summer, I didn’t have a jacket to give to my date but she did have a cardigan for instances like these. All I could think about was that it was unnecessarily cold in this restaurant. Why would they have the air conditioning unit on such a high setting that it makes most patrons somewhat uncomfortable? You see it everywhere; restaurants, movie theaters, and malls, they all use an unnecessary amount of air conditioning. It’s better than the HVAC unit being broken or off, but each place could save money if they adjusted a few degrees.

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