Seeing a lot of dust in my air filters

Have you ever really messed up your laundry? I know I was really bad at it in college when I first started washing and drying my own clothes. Sometimes I would accidentally wash a white piece of clothing with a bright red tee shirt. That never ended well. Other times, I would forget to put the dryer sheet in with my clothes and everything would come out with static. That was the worst. Finally, I remember a few times when it seemed like my clothes were taking forever to dry and it was because the filters was clogged with lint and other debris. That would frustrate me so much. Speaking of clogged filters, I experienced this same thing with our home’s HVAC equipment the other day. While a dryer is used several times per week in our house, the heating and cooling equipment is sometimes forgotten about. Even when we need it, it’s not like I have to go down to the basement and mess with the furnace directly. We can simply turn the knob on the thermostat in the living room. Because the HVAC units are often out of sight and out of mind, homeowners like me forget to replace the air filters which is really bad. Not only is it killing your indoor air quality, but it is also slowly killing the life of your system. You ought to pull out those air filters every month and either wash or replace them. If you see too much dust in them, that means you need a new filter.

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