Scheduling an HVAC installation

I have really been needed to schedule an appointment with an HVAC provider to get a new HVAC unit installed. My previous HVAC unit decided to die on me a few weeks ago. An HVAC repairman came out to look at it, and he said that it would be more cost-effective just to get an entirely new unit. I was disappointed that I would have to spend so much money, but I was happy to get a brand new HVAC unit. My old one had not been working well for months. The HVAC company said that it would take a little while to install, and that I needed to be home when they did. That was almost two weeks ago, and I still have not scheduled my HVAC installation! Every single day for the past two weeks, and every day for at least the next week is packed. Tomorrow, my brother has a basketball game all the way across town at 5:30. I do not get off of work until 4, and the game is at least half an hour away from work. Tomorrow will not work. Tuesday, my brother has a basketball game at 6, and my fiance and I are going to meet for supper really quickly before the game, then we are going to look at paint samples after the game. Wednesday through Saturday, I am going on a business trip. Sunday is always busy with church. Next Monday is my niece’s birthday party. Next Tuesday I have a doctor’s appointment and a piano lesson after school. It will be at least next Wednesday before I will be able to get my new HVAC unit!

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