Sand getting in our shower

Every summer we visit the beach on vacation and rent a small beach house. It is a nice get-away from our normal daily lives. It is truly relaxing to wake up and walk to a sandy beach every morning instead of climbing into a car for a commute to work. We spend all day at the beach and only come home when everyone is too sandy and sunburnt to stay any longer. Back at the beach house there is an outdoor shower and two indoor showers. The indoor showers have signs that say “No Sand” on them. We were told when we rented the place to rinse off all the sand in the outdoor shower before taking a full shower indoors. I was curious what the sand would do to the showers, they were just plastic and plenty of hot water was always flowing through them. We found out, unfortunately, that sand in the indoor showers caused the drain to clog. My youngest child failed to use the outdoor shower first and went straight inside, still a sandy mess. When the tub of the shower began to fill up we knew something was wrong. I immediately turned off the shower water and called a plumbing company. I hovered anxiously as the plumber went to work on the clogged drain. I was wondering how much the job would cost but I was no longer wondering why the “No Sand” signs were placed at each of the indoor showers. Thankfully the plumber was able to remove the sand and the shower drains properly now.

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