Running errands in the winter

I just spent four hours running errands.  It was an absolutely miserable experience.  I hate running errands at any time of year, but in the winter, it’s brutal.  I am always reluctant to leave my nice, warm house.  My furnace was installed just two years ago, and it has been a wonderful investment.  My house is always maintained at the perfect temperature, and the filtration system keeps the air very clean.  Because of my new furnace, heading outside to run a million errands is pure torture.  I just wanted to complete all of my tasks quickly and get back home.  Unfortunately, the bank teller needed to tell me an endless story about her granddaughter, and what an amazing piano player she is.  At the hardware store, I just needed to pick up air filters, but I ran into an old friend.  She needed to tell me all about her furnace malfunctioning and how expensive it was to have the system repaired.  At the post office, there was something wrong with the computer and it took forever buy postage for a package I needed to mail.  Then, I headed to the grocery store.  They had the heat turned up so high that I left a trail of dripping sweat in every aisle.  I took off my coat, but I was still overheated.  The grocery store must have set their thermostat to eighty degrees.  It was quite a shock to step outside into thirty degree air.  It snowed the entire time I was shopping, so I then needed to brush off my car.  Finally, after four long hours, I was able to return home to perfect temperature and comfort.

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