Ripped out AC device

My immediate family owns a hunting Cottage in the South. It takes about 6 hours to get there from our own home, but it is a rather appealing property. The entire area is about 10 acres, in addition to the fact that it is filled with many different animals in addition to a variety of different trees and plants. Right in the middle of the 10-acre property, is the cottage that everyone of us use. Everyone of us invested a small amount of money, so that the cottage would always be ready to use in addition to fully furnished. There are many different amenities, including an HVAC system, a fireplace, and three large bedrooms. When my family arrived for the holiday this past weekend, we found a huge problem with our HVAC system. Someone had come onto the property at some point, in addition to taking our entire outside A/C condenser. It was completely missing from the block of slab concrete, in addition to the fact that it looked like it had been sawed off. Everyone of us immediately contacted the police, in addition to our HVAC contractor. It was the middle of April, in addition to the fact that we would not be able to do without a working HVAC system. The police have still not found the culprit for the stolen A/C condenser, but at least our homeowners insurance will cover all of the repairs./ If I happen to find out who stole my AC condenser, I am going to contact the police in addition to let them throw the book at them.

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