Our A/C system was acting strangely last week. It wasn’t ever shutting down, and the garage was incredibly hot from the heat that the A/C system was giving off. I decided to contact one of our HVAC professionals, in order to figure out what was wrong with the A/C system. When the technician arrived, he carefully viewed the entire appliance. After viewing the entire system, the technician explained that we were experiencing problems with the power resistor on our A/C system. The power resistor is a small piece of metal that tells our A/C when to shut down. It keeps the system was causing a fire in our home, so that makes it very important. The repair would be incredibly expensive, and the HVAC technician said he would need to call an electrician from the shop, to help with the power resistor. Since the HVAC tech didn’t carry those types of parts on the truck, he had to go back to the shop and pick one up. After the repair was completed, the electrician told us about our power resistor. We had been very lucky, because a bad resistor can cause many different problems in the house, including causing massive fires in some cases. I was glad that I had decided to contact someone to help sooner than later, because I might have ignored a very deadly problem. When my wife came home from work later in the evening, I told her all about my adventure for the day. She was also very happy that I was so diligent about the A/C repair.

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