Replacing your heat pump

I have never been a saver, despite growing up in a low-income household. Both of my parents worked 50-60 hours per week just to take care of my two brothers and me. Being the youngest, I never got anything brand new. Every piece of clothing and every toy I had were once my older brothers’. I hated it. I understood it, but I hated it. I was fortunate to get a good job shortly after high school. I bought everything I ever wanted within a few short years. I’m still that way today, except when it comes to boring stuff. My heat pump falls under that category. I have no problem going out and spending a few hundred dollars on a new watch I don’t need, but I cringe when I’m forced to spend 2 grand on a new heat pump. That was my situation last week. I came home from work, loosened my tie and took my suit jacket off. After just a few minutes, I realized my cooling equipment wasn’t functioning properly. I live in an area where it is moderately warm for most of the year so I own a heat pump. A heat pump acts as a heater and an air conditioner, depending on the outside conditions. While I wasn’t happy about spending the money, I arranged for an HVAC technician to come look at my HVAC equipment. I needed to replace it, after all. Within a day, my HVAC provider had installed a new heat pump. It may not be as sexy as a new watch, but at least my house is comfortable.

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