Repairing your heater

I don’t like to take advice from anyone. I’m what some people call, hard headed and stubborn. I’d like to think I can make the decisions and choices that will best benefit my life. Unfortunately, I now have a family to think about as well. When I hired an HVAC tech to come inspect my furnace before winter, he told me that I had a repair that was going to cost me hundreds of dollars. I didn’t believe him. The heater had always worked fine. Why would I want to spend all that money for a furnace that already seemed to operate just fine. I declined the repair and told the HVAC technician to just change air filters and clean the appropriate things and head out. A few months go by and it is a blizzard outside. My children’s school was closed and my wife’s office closed as well. You could barely see two feet in front of you while driving. I was on my way to work when I received a phone call from my wife saying that the heater wasn’t working. I immediately thought of the repair. I could not believe this would be happening. I turned around and went back to my home to see for myself. Sure enough after toying with the thermostat and making an inspection, it was actually not working. I couldn’t send my family anywhere, it was too dangerous to drive. I called an HVAC business and sure enough they were there to help. I was so happy to have heard that. The technician ventured out into the snow and finally made it to my home. He had to do a pretty heft repair, but was able to fix the issue. It cost me a lot of money, but I couldn’t be happier with the way the furnace is running now. heater service