Repairing my HVAC equipment

I remember back in my young days when snow was on the ground, the furnace was blowing warm air from the basement, and my siblings and I would shock each other as often as possible. Once the air in our house was nice and dry from the cold winter and the furnace’s constant running, we could produce static shock anytime, anywhere. We had endless ways of scaring and infuriating each other with just a quick touch to a nose, ear, or my personal favorite, sneaking up behind and getting one of them on the top of their head. They’d scream every time. Unfortunately, all this dry air would chap our lips and skin, too. It was very uncomfortable since we had such long winters. Once I was out on my own and purchased my own home, I knew I did not want to put up with the old forced air furnace my parents had. I decided on a radiant heating system once I had done my research. This system warms objects in a room, not just the air. Since the warmth radiates up from the floor, everything warms up. There’s no more cold floors, countertops or whatever else is in the room. Those cold surfaces in my parent’s house would steal warm body heat and nearly make it impossible to keep warm. Now, I don’t have to put up with dry air, static shock, and chapped lips. My home is comfortable and warm all winter long. I also had our HVAC contractor install a humidifier to keep the air nice and moist, which helps the heat last longer. Since moisture can absorb the heat, it really does feel warm everywhere.

HVAC system