Renovation With HVAC

I recently got a promotion at work, I having working so hard and I am glad it is finally paying off. I was really quite surprised when I found out the amount they wanted to offer me for the raise, it was much higher than I was expecting. Not that this is a bad thing at all, it just came as a shock. My wife and I have been wanting to do some renovations to the house, so this seems like it might be the perfect time. I called and told her about the raise and asked her to start thinking of a couple of project we could get started on this coming weekend. She has really been dying to renovate our master bathroom, but we both think it is a good idea to get our entire HVAC system upgraded as the first project. This will included all new ductwork, a new HVAC unit and furnace and a smart thermostat. We knew all of these things together would be really expensive, but in the long run it would be worth it. So I asked her to make a few calls and do some price comparing. She actually found a local HVAC company that had really good prices so we decided they would be our choice to help us with our first project in our new home. The whole installation took about three weeks and did not cost as much as we initially thought. It is so nice to come home to a brand new HVAC system everyday. We are very pleased!

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