Putting in a ductless mini split

Music has always been my way of escaping reality.  I don’t mean that my life is horrible, I just use music and song to take me away from the everyday stuff that consumes me. I play several instruments including the guitar, cello, and violin. My husband and I also enjoy going out to a local karaoke night now and again. When we purchased our home, I wanted a room where I could keep my instruments and sheet music.  I also have a large collection of old music books that I have gathered over the years. Our home has the perfect room, too, as two for the bedrooms are partially underground. The only drawback is that the space we have chosen for the music room doesn’t connect to the HVAC system.  I was only used for storage by the previous owners so they never bothered to properly heat it. Often the temperature is uncomfortable which makes it impossible to stay long when seeking to play because my fingers tend to be too cold. After complaining for several months about the lack of warmth in the room, my husband surprised me by purchasing a wall-mounted, ductless heating unit for the music room. I was so excited that soon I would have a comfortable place and I could play whenever I wanted. I called a neighborhood HVAC business to see about having it installed. Fortunately, the HVAC business scheduled my appointment for the next day to do the installation. I wanted to make confident the installation was done correctly to begin with! When the HVAC technician arrived, he worked quickly and easily cut the small hole on the outside of wall and began mounting the device. Within an hour my brand-new ductless HVAC unit was filling the room with warm and glorious air. The best part is that your unit is remote controlled, so while I’m playing all I need to do is pick up the remote to change the temperature setting. I love my husband and I would rather receive a thoughtful gift than diamonds any day.

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