Purchasing the latest HVAC system

My boyfriend usually makes most of the important decisions in our house.  I work a lot of long days at the hospital and I can’t always be around to help him with the decision making. I trust my boyfriend, and I know that he always makes choices based on how it will affect our family.  Last month, when our HVAC system died, and we had to call the HVAC contractor to come in and find the problem.  He made the appointment for early morning, and I was already at the hospital. I had a long day of surgery in front of me, so I was in the operating room when he called. The HVAC  supplier announced that our system was unable to be fixed, and we needed a new heating and cooling system.   After talking with the heating and cooler supplier, he tried to call me to give me the horrible news that we need a brand new HVAC system, but I wasn’t available. He looked at a lot of different systems and made his choice.  I got home that evening and I was totally amazed at the system he chose.  He had chosen a heat pump unit with a programmable control unit.  The programmable control was a cool freebie to go with the new system.  The Heating, Ventilation and AC installer, spent most of the day putting in our system, and I was so pleased.  The heat pump was energy efficient and eco-friendly.  It’s energy star ratings was terrific and I am positive that we will be able to put some money into our savings because our energy bills will go down.

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