Public transportation

I don’t want to sound snooty, but I just don’t think that public transportation is for me. I love to stay out of the car, not only for reducing costs of living, but also to prevent contributing unnecessarily to the global climate crisis we’re all facing. I’m more than happy to reduce my carbon footprint, and I love getting outside for walks whenever possible. However, there are times that I simply can’t walk to my destination realistically, and the only alternate option is public transportation. However, I just can’t get over how terrible the heating and cooling systems are on buses and trains. For whatever reason, it seems like these vehicles have been immune to the HVAC advances of the past 40 years, and we’re all suffering because of it. I have distinct memories of every bus ride in the summer feeling like I was trapped on a tropical island. It didn’t ever feel as though the air conditioning was functioning, and there was no ventilation to escape the hot air being emitted from the bodies on all sides. There’s no personal control over the AC or a way to lower the windows, so you’re trapped in a fiery, stagnant metal box for half an hour or so. In the winter, it feels like they have the furnace cranked up to level 11. You board the bus bundled up in 50 layers of clothing, only to find that it’s about 100 degrees due to the overbearing heating on the vehicle. If they could just figure out the temperature control, public transportation might be a better option.

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