Problems with the toilet

In my house, the toilets always cause problems.  We have spent a fortune on replacing various components of the toilets, repairs from plumbers, and replacing the entire toilet.  I think the issues are caused by a combination of low water pressure and severely hard water.  The toilets in our house never flush reliably.  They tend to run and run, often running us out of water.  Sometimes, the toilets leak water all over the floor, and the bowl is always stained with rust.  I have tried every type of cleaner to combat the hard water stains in the toilet.  I’ve tried dropping those cubes in the tank that turn the water blue.  There is simply no way to prevent our toilet bowl from being stained an ugly orange.  Because the toilets in the house plug so often, we keep a plunger handy at all times.  All of my children are experienced and skilled in the use of a plunger.  We have a rule in my house, that if you plug it, you plunge it.  Calling a plumber for toilet repairs is super expensive, and so my husband has taught himself how to maintain and replace toilets.  He can change out the inner workings of the toilet tank in a matter of minutes.  He can get remove a broken toilet and install a new toilet in less than an hour.  At my house, we call my husband, Toilet Man.  We have even made up a theme song that we sing when he tackles the toilet repairs.  In my family, a man who can keep a toilet running properly is a super hero.

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