Preventative plumbing maintenance

It is worthwhile to schedule annual professional maintenance for your plumbing system.  By having a licensed plumber inspect all of the components that make up your plumbing system, you will save time and money.  The plumber will catch and correct any potential problems with clogs, leaks, and corrosion.  If these issues are not addressed, you could be confronted with a great deal of damage and expense.  A single drip, over time, can waste a great deal of water, ruin walls and floors, and even lead to the growth of mold.  It is very common for leaks to go unnoticed because they are hidden or very minor.  Small leaks, however, will get nothing but worse, and can result in major flooding.  A small buildup of soap scum or hair in pipes can quickly grow into a stubborn clog that prevents drainage of wastewater.  Using a plunger or drain cleaner can actually make the clog worse.  The plumber will clean out your pipes, and keep them flowing properly.  During regular maintenance, the plumber will check the fixtures and aerators on faucets to ensure ideal water pressure.  He will drain the hot water tank to eliminate the accumulation of contaminants such as rust, calcium, and lime.  If  preventative maintenance is  completed by a qualified plumber each year, you will avoid the majority of repairs, which can add up to a huge expense.  You will enjoy an ample supply of fresh, clean water, and the quick drainage of wastewater.  The service is definitely cost-effective and worthwhile.  Very often, the warranty coverage on certain appliance requires professional upkeep to remain valid.  

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