Pregnancy and Zone Control

I have been pregnant several times, so it’s not like I am new to the entire experience. But, this time around I am having twins. Once my husband picked me up off of the floor in the doctor’s office, I started to wrap my head around the enormity of it all. However, one of the biggest surprises was how different this pregnancy was from all of my others! From the first day I was miserable. I was either always hungry or throwing up and one thing for certain I felt like I was living in one big hot flash! This was so unusual for me as all of my other pregnancies were so easy! Luckily we had a central heating and cooling unit in our house, on top of ceiling fans as well, but these babies were not having it. They wanted me in an igloo for the remainder of their time in there, I was so hot. Finally, after weeks of battling the thermostat and air conditioner needs with my family, my husband called out a local HVAC technician for any help with our current problem. He immediately laughed. Apparently, this was not the first time he has been called out to deal with a pregnant mama! As if he had made this presentation a thousand times over, he suggested Zone Control Cooling. This was an amazing new app programmed directly into our thermostat that would allow us to set different temperatures throughout the house. Basically, we could isolate me into my own private igloo with the air conditioner temperatures as low as I would like without freezing the rest of the family out! Now, we were all happy! Well, those who weren’t pregnant were happy.

HVAC zone control