Portable heating and cooling

I have lived in the same neighborhood for my entire life. I like it here. I know almost everybody who lives here and the area just makes me feel comfortable. Well, I almost knew everybody until my next door neighbors decided to move down south. Their house was sold just a few weeks ago. The new homeowners are awful. They are so rude. They let their garbage blow across my lawn the other day. Anyways, I actually went to a local department store and purchased a brand new portable air conditioner a couple days ago. Why did I buy it? Well, I wanted a machine that would make a loud enough noise to drown out their dog’s barking all night long. Okay, maybe that isn’t the only reason why I bought it. While it does produce a calming hum when turned on, it also does a fantastic job cooling my bedroom. I hate turning my central air conditioner on at night because I don’t really want to cool my entire house. I simply don’t want my bedroom to be too warm as I try to fall asleep. Central cooling equipment is extremely expensive to operate. I just picture money leaving my pocket when I hear that old central air conditioner running. My new portable HVAC unit cools my room and also contains a dehumidifier. My house is always very humid so I like that feature a lot. Another positive about this unit is that it was fairly cheap and doesn’t utilize my home’s old heating and cooling equipment.

HVAC equipment