Poor air quality will ruin a hotel stay

My job requires that I spend a lot of time traveling. I travel at least once a week. I usually fly on a plane to wherever I’m going. It feels like I spend a lot of time away from my family. I travel to ensure I am able to contribute towards my family. It is important for me to have a job so that we have money to pay bills and such. I really depend on the hotels I stay in to be comfortable. I already feel so uncomfortable being away from my home. Until just recently, I never considered how the air quality affects how comfortable you are. All hotels are different from one another. Some hotels are hotter than others. Some hotels are generally cooler than others. I love when each room has a thermostat to adjust for your own comfort. I count on these thermostats to be working properly. I thankfully have not had a problem in a hotel for the heat or air conditioning not working. It appears that I am able to be in hotels that keep their HVAC units updated. They must take the money to receive regular tune ups. They are aware that this is valuable for folks staying in their hotel. It is usually nice to know that they care about us. Some people would never think of it like this though. Some people take heating and cooling for granted. I always take some time to thank the hotel for having comfortable air quality. I tell them I have enjoyed my stay and will be staying there again the next time. They greatly appreciate my feedback about my stay. If I ever have an issue I hope that they’d fix any problem as soon as possible. I always want my hotel air quality to be the best it should be.

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