Plumbing emergency

The home in which I reside is very dated.  There is wood panelling on the walls and dated appliances.  But I don’t really mind because I am not there very much as my job requires me to do a lot of traveling.  Typically when I travel, I’m gone three to four days.  Then I am home for about two weeks before I head out on the road again.  About a month ago, I was getting home from a trip and headed immediately for my bed to get some sleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and found the floors in and around the bathroom to be soaked.  Replacing the plumbing system was the farthest thing from my mind but obviously something had to be done quickly.  I had never needed a plumber in the past, so I googled a plumbing company with 24 hour, emergency service and found a provider near my home.  A dispatcher picked up on the first ring, stating they would send a plumbing technician over as soon as possible.  I was able to turn the water off in my home to avoid further damage to my floors, ceiling and possibly the foundation of my house.  About two hours later, a plumbing technician showed up and was able to fix the issue without a problem.  This did cost an additional charge as it happened on the off hours, but I didn’t really have a choice as it was something that needed to be fixed.  This problem really made me appreciate plumbing companies and the 24 hour service that they provide.