Pizza making

I love pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s delicious and quite possibly one of America’s favorite foods. Not only do I love eating it, but I enjoy making it too. I have worked at the same pizzeria for about three years now. We toss our dough which took some time to learn but is tons of fun now that I have it down and actually a decent workout. I love adding the different toppings that people order and the occasional surprise of toppings that people ask to be mixed together. What I don’t like is how hot the pizzeria gets. I’m sure everyone has been to a pizzeria in the summertime at some point of their lives. Even the customers I see getting fidgety from the heat and begin to sweat. They should try being in that heat for eight hours a day. We have an air conditioning system, but it really only affects the dining room. The kitchen has air conditioning vents but the pizza oven just overpowers it. I have tried putting a fan in front of the vent and aiming it at me but there really isn’t anything that can be done. I wish we could move the oven outside and cook the pizza’s there while waiting for them inside in the air conditioned building. We could do all the prep work in the air conditioning and then run the pizza outside to cook. It might even lower the chance of a fire happening in the restaurant. Seems like a no lose situation to me, now if I could just get the boss to consider it.cooling