Picking a HVAC unit based on climate

There are a lot of options in the heating and cooling field. How do you decide what unit is right for you? There are a lot of things you should think about. The most important is your climate. Certain climates are better for certain systems. Think about your hot and cold seasons. Some locations experience mostly warm days. People in these types of climates choose to just buy an air conditioning system. Other climates are more moderate. There is very little change in temperature. These types of climates should get a heat pump system. A heat pump system is effective until the outside temperatures reach about forty degrees. The system works by moving heat energy. There is an indoor and outdoor unit. If the outside air is too cold then there is no heat energy. Temperate climates work the best for the system. You can heat and cool your home with this unit. It is one unit to clean and care for. It is also a single unit to maintain and have repairs done to. Some people in colder climates think about a dual fuel system. This combines a heat pump and a gas furnace. The heat pump is the cooling system. The gas furnace is your heating system. The dual fuel system combines electric and gas. The system automatically knows when to switch to the other energy source. It knows how to be efficient. The system takes care of the changing itself. You do not need to tell it what to do. The dual fuel system can handle your drastic climate changes.