Pets and AC

So, I am not one for pets. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but they can be a lot of work and money that no one ever really explains to you! My fiance has several dogs. He loves his dogs like his children, so there is no reasoning with him when it comes to their needs. He actually has the entire house set up with zone control heating and cooling since each of them are temperamental with different temperature needs. When we was just using the basic HVAC system with a thermostat, he claims the animals were getting agitated and sick more often. So, with the zone control system he can now separate all the dogs into the rooms of their temperature preference. Seriously, is it just me, or does this seem kind of excessive and scary to pay so much money and energy on an animal! I wouldn’t dare say anything to him, for I know he is very sensitive about it. But, I can only hope he will be this attentive to our own child! The other day the house was really hot and I knew that was not right. I called him at work and he frantically ran home to see what the problem was with the HVAC. He couldn’t see anything right off and the vents seemed stuck. He called out the local HVAC technician for help and sure enough the vents were stuck closed from the animal hair and you can imagine how bad the air vents were clogged! For a moment, I think he actually paused to consider all these animals was a little much.

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