Finding a HVAC business

When things break in our houses, we tend to push it aside until we absolutely need it working again. I know a big reason for me to do that is because I don’t know who to call to fix it and if they are a trustworthy business.  My furnace broke down recently and I really needed heat.  Heat is just something we can not live without, especially in the middle of winter.  I dreaded trying to find a business to help me.  When I started searching, I realized finding a HVAC business was not difficult at all.  I went online and read reviews about local HVAC providers.  I also confronted my neighbors and friends to see if they had any experience with HVAC businesses in the area.  When I searched for a trusted professional heating and cooling business, I wanted to make sure they were very knowledgeable in the type of furnace I have in my home.  I didn’t want to have them come to my house and not know what they were dealing with.  However, many of the HVAC businesses I came across seemed like they knew a lot about gas furnaces.  After all, gas furnaces are one of the most popular types of heating systems for homes.  When I called and told them my situation, they sent HVAC technicians to my house right away.  They really know how important it is to have quality heating during the cold winter months.  They fixed my furnace in no time and cleaned up the area they were working in.  HVAC businesses are available 24/7 for emergencies like mine.

emergency HVAC

Air Duct upkeep

If your heating and cooling system is a forced air system, you need to get your air ducts cleaned every few years.  Air ducts are a series of tubes that distribute warm or cool air throughout your home.  These ducts need to be cleaned every once and a while.  They can collect dirt, dust, insects, and even rodents.  If your family members are prone to allergies, this could be a big cause of allergic inflammations.  It is important to call a professional duct cleaning service to do this task.  They have the right equipment to clean your ductwork and look for any other damages.  Holes and cracks are places where your system is losing treated air.  Air loss is a big problem because it makes your unit work so much harder to produce the right amount of air.  In addition to losing air, you will also be wasting money.  Wasting energy is wasting money.  You don’t have to suffer through both of those negative experiences.  When a professional HVAC technician is there to clean your ducts, they can also check them for damages.  If they find cracks in the air ducts, make sure you have their team come back as soon as possible to make the necessary repairs.  Another piece of your HVAC system that needs cleaning is the air filter.  Air filters should be changed or cleaned once a month to prevent damage.  Common issues relating to clogged air filters are strange noises, low air output, and even no air output.  It is important that these filters get changed before they cost you more money to make large repairs to the entire unit.

HVAC repair

Heat pump operation

The climate is a large factor in choosing the appropriate heating and cooling system for your home. When you are considering the purchase of a new heating and cooling system for your home, it is also important to consider the size of your home. You must purchase an appropriately sized heating and cooling system for a variety of reasons. Warm climates are great places to install and operate heat pumps. When you own a heat pump you will enjoy the benefits of low energy bills and a comfortable indoor climate. Energy savings are maximized when using a heat pump because it does not create new heat. The way a heat pump works is by utilizing a refrigerant that easily condenses and expands. When the refrigerant condenses and expands it changes between a liquid and a gas. This is what enables the system to effectively transfer heat. Another cool feature that heat pumps have is that they heat and cool using the exact same components. The way this is achieved is by utilizing a brilliantly engineered reverse cycling valve. When the valve is rotated it allows the refrigerant to flow in the opposite direction. This essentially reduces the equipment needed to heat and cool your home by almost one half. This also makes the system much easier to maintenance. You will only have to maintain one system at a time. Newer heat pumps also feature a variable speed compressor motor. The variable speed compressor motor is able to operate at many more speeds than traditional air conditioning compressors. The variable speed compressor motor greatly reduces energy costs and energy consumption.

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AC service

Last week I had people over to my house for a cookout. I have a deck on the back of my house with a sliding glass door. When people are over, I leave the door open and only use the screen to keep bugs out. I usually remember to turn off my air conditioner, but this time I forgot to. One of my friends told me that he heard a weird noise coming from when my air conditioner is. I went inside to investigate the noise. That was when I realized that my air conditioner was left on while my door and windows were open. After inspecting the air conditioner, I realized that it was not working properly. When the cookout was over, I called a HVAC technician to schedule an appointment. The HVAC technician came out the next day. I had trouble sleeping that night because the air in my home was hot and humid. The HVAC technician inspected the air conditioner and told me that it needed to be repaired. He said that it would be a relatively cheap cost. I know that these types of repairs are never cheap though. HVAC technicians typically charge about $100 just to show up at your house. When the repair was finished, the technician told me that I need to have regular maintenance performed on my air conditioner. He suggested purchasing a maintenance contract. The maintenance contract would ensure that I have regular maintenance performed on my air conditioner. It would also reduce the cost of repairs when they are necessary. I decided to purchase the contract for my air conditioner.


Dual-fuel heat pump

About 10 years ago I researched installing a heat pump as my primary heating and cooling system. When I consulted my HVAC technician, they told me that in my climate, I could not use a heat pump. I live in a cooler climate and the winter is below 32 degrees for months at a time. This is not the ideal climate for a heat pump, but I was trying to save money on heating and cooling costs. I am currently looking into replacing my HVAC equipment and I found that there are dual-fuel heat pumps. After conducting some further research, I found that a dual-fuel heat pump is ideal for the type of climate that I live in. A dual-fuel heat pump is able to run on the heat pump until the temperatures drop too low for the heat pump to be efficient. Once this happens, the system automatically switches from the heat pump to a conventional fuel burning furnace. This allows your house to be warm all winter long while keeping your home as energy efficient as possible. I have researched other systems like geothermals, furnaces, air conditioner, hydronic radiant heating, but I think that the dual-fuel heat pump is the system for me. I will be calling my HVAC technician to get a second opinion. I hope they don’t tell me that a dual-fuel heat pump will not work in our climate. If they do, I might just keep my current HVAC system for now. Maybe there will be technological advancements that will allow heat pump technology to be utilized in my climate.commercialhvac

Hydronic heating

Water has many uses around your home. Some people use water to keep their lawns and gardens green. Others use water to wash their cars and houses. Everyone uses water to wash dishes and take showers. Another common use for water in your home is for heating and cooling purposes. HVAC systems often utilize water to heat and cool your home. Hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems can actually be installed in your floor to provide one of the most efficient means of controlling your indoor air temperature. Water is also used with hot water baseboard. Water is heated in a boiler and then is pumped through piping that this installed in your home. The pipes have small fins on them to allow the heat to be efficiently transferred from the water to the air. Hot water baseboard is not as good of a HVAC system as hydronic radiant floor heating. I would gladly install hot water baseboard instead of a forced air heating and cooling system. Swamp coolers, or evaporative cooling systems also utilize water to help condition air. They take hot dry air from outside of your home and pass it through a water soaked pad. When the hot dry air passes through the pad, it becomes cooler and picks up moisture. The best way to find out which HVAC system will work best in your home, climate and for your needs, is to call a HVAC technician. HVAC technicians are experts in their field and they can give you the best advice. You could also do some research on the internet to find the system for you.

radiant floor heating

Energy efficiency

Many household appliances have energy saving features nowadays.  One appliance that would save you a lot of energy would be your HVAC system.  These units use a lot of energy because they have a big job to do like heating and cooling your entire home.  If you are looking for a new system, make sure you are searching for one that is energy efficient.  Newer units can save you tons of money on energy bills compared to your old system.  If you can’t afford a new system right now, there are still some things you can do to save some energy.  A system tune-up is very important.  A professional HVAC technician will come to your home to inspect the system.  They should be able to make any necessary repairs or replacements to the units.  A good thing about getting a tune-up every year is that the technicians can spot small issues before they become large, expensive problems.  Another way to help save some energy and money is to clean out your air filter every month.  Clogged air filters can reduce air flow causing your unit to work harder than it needs to.  The harder the unit has to work, the more energy it will use.  It is recommended that air filters be replaced or cleaned once a month during peak heating and cooling seasons.  When you aren’t using your system as much, you can go a little longer without changing it.  Keeping the entire system clean is also a great way to keep energy costs low.  Call a professional to check your HVAC system today.


Duct cleaning service

You may attempt most home upkeep problems yourself, resisting the cost of hiring professionals.  For many projects, you’ll save both time and money with a do-it-yourself approach.  Your HVAC systems, however, should be maintained by trained professionals.  This includes your ductwork.  Air ducts that are clogged with dirt and grime, in poor condition, or damaged will waste energy, lead to heating and cooling repair, compromise your comfort, and threaten the quality of your indoor air.  While ductwork does not need to be cleaned every year, you can’t neglect it entirely.  Duct work is very important to the operation of your heating and cooling equipment.  Oftentimes, this branching network is tucked under floors, hidden in walls, attics, crawlspaces, and basements.  It can be just about impossible to access.  Licensed technicians have state-of-the-art tools that allow them to reach into the entire system.  They can identify problem areas due to holes, cracks, or contamination.  If you’ve had any remodeling done in your home, your ductwork may be clogged with debris.  Consider the dust, dirt, and construction debris of the project.  If ductwork was not carefully sealed, it will need to be cleaned.  Clogging and contamination will result in poor air quality throughout your home and higher energy consumption by heating and cooling systems. Once ductwork is clean and allowing free flow of air, you’ll save money.  The buildup of dust, grime, cobwebs, insects, and organic matter restricts the flow of air.  This decreases the efficiency of HVAC systems.  In extreme situations, you can save about 40% in utilities with professional duct cleaning.


Air conditioner install

When you’re in the market for high quality cooling systems and expert installation, you can’t trust the first name in the phone book.  Take your time to research both the contractor and the products.  Factory authorized dealers are usually held to high standards of customer service, industry training, and product familiarity.  Their technicians should be NATE-certified, background checked, drug screened, bonded, and fully insured.  Once you’ve hired the contractor to install your air conditioner, you are trusting them to perform accurate work and keep prices fair.  A system that is improperly installed will fail to live up to your expectations for consistent comfort, energy efficiency, dehumidification, operational noise, and longevity.  You’ll face continuous repairs and problems right from day one.  Careful, precise, and knowledgeable workmanship, combined with leading HVAC systems, guarantees lasting and satisfying cooling year after year.  For the uninterrupted comfort and efficiency, correct sizing of the air conditioning system is very important.  The term “size” refers to the equipment’s capacity to generate cooled air.  The larger the capacity, the more the unit will cost, and bigger isn’t necessarily an advantage.  Too large of a model will cycle on and off too often, never achieving ideal efficiency or dehumidification levels.  The repeated cycling also puts added stress on components, and may result in numerous repairs and shortened service life.  Too small of a system won’t be able to meet load requirements on extremely hot days.  Your licensed technician will help you properly design your new system for maximum efficiency, durability, and performance.  Look for both manufacturer and contractor warranties to protect both your new equipment and guarantee accurate installation.

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AC repair service

When summer turns up the heat, you can’t get along with a malfunctioning air conditioner. High temperatures, sticky conditions, screeching noises, unpleasant smells, and leaking condensate can rob you of a relaxing weekend, good night’s sleep, or enjoyable day in your home. When you delay calling for professional help, you’re prolonging your discomfort, paying needlessly high energy bills, and risking more expensive repairs. At the first sign of a problem, the best thing you can do is call a licensed HVAC contractor. Certified technicians have the training, years of experience, and sophisticated tools to quickly and accurately identify and resolve everything from minor to major issues. Your cooling system is a complex machine. While most units are very reliable, any number of things can go wrong. Intense use, moisture, and neglected maintenance, contribute to wear and tear. Squealing sounds from a belt-drive air handler can be caused if the belt that connects the motor to the blower is improperly aligned, worn, or in need of replacement. For a direct-drive blower, grinding noises may be a sign of faulty motor bearings. Algae, that grows in the moist area of the condensate drain, can result in a blockage, water leaks, and property damage. Mold and mildew that thrives on the cooling coils can clog airflow, reduce capacity, and waste energy. Your HVAC professional will quickly isolate the problem, make recommendations as to the proper course of actions, and only proceed with your consent. Look for technicians that are background checked, drug screened, and fully insured. Check the contractors rating by the Better Business Bureau.