Heating work

We think of our heaters as something we rely on in the winter.  But living in western New York, our heater works the majority of the year.  This year, fall came very early.  There was snow on Halloween.  We had our furnace operating in early October.  It didn’t need to run every single day and night, but we needed it frequently to keep the home comfortable.  Our winter was one of the coldest on record.  Temperatures frequently dropped well below zero, and the wind chill was brutal.  Our furnace ran at full capacity day after day.  We lived in fear of it breaking down.  Now spring is finally here.  According to the calendar, spring is here.  It snowed on Easter.  We are now a week away from May, and the heater is still necessary to keep our house tolerable.  We are still sleeping with the heated blankets, and I have not yet put the screens on the windows and doors.  Today it is in the mid 40’s.  While it is supposed to warm up this coming week, the low temperatures will remain in the 40’s.  We will still need the furnace at night.  It’s looking like we will be depending on the performance of the heater for nine months out of twelve.  That’s a heavy workload.  If it ever warms up, I will pull out of the owner’s manual and thoroughly clean the heating unit.  I would think the HVAC contractors in this area would be pretty busy keeping up with demand.  Living in this area, our heaters are one of the most important appliances in our homes.

heating service

HVAC maintenance

We live in a really cold climate.  The winter seems to last forever.  We wait anxiously for spring to finally arrive.  It’s the end of April and it’s still very cold.  For a little while, we had a stretch of nice weather.  All of the snow finally melted.  Some of the trees budded.  A few flowers started blooming.  The robins and redwing blackbirds finally showed up at the bird feeder.  We shut the heaters off.  I put screens on the windows.  I had hoped we were done with the furnace for the year.  It seemed like the perfect time to schedule maintenance.  I considered calling an HVAC technician for service, hoping to get the annual tuning completed.  Our warm weather didn’t last long.  We never needed to switch over to air conditioning.  We ended up having snow on Easter.  The daffodils and hyacinths were drooping in the cold.  I needed to make sure all windows were latched tight, because drafts were coming in.  We started up the heaters again.  I made sure to clean the filters.  The filters tend to clog very quickly.  Once the filters are blocked with dust, the furnace is far less efficient.  This has been such a long winter.  The energy bills have been extremely expensive.  Usually we aren’t paying high heat bills in April.  The season for air conditioning is just around the corner.  Once we switch from heating to cooling, we’ll be faced with high electricity bills.  We also need to make sure to have the air conditioner professionally serviced before the weather changes.  The different seasons all have different tasks to manage.

HVAC tune-up 

Finding a quality air conditioner

With summer practically here, it is definitely time to start thinking about your air conditioning system.  Whether you need to schedule an annual system tune-up or you are looking for a brand new system, you better get on it quick.  Quality air conditioning seems almost necessary to have on those steaming hot and humid days in the summertime.  There are a few different systems you can work with when it comes to cooling.  Central air conditioning is very popular.  It is a forced air system that uses a series of ductwork to circulate that cooled air.  These units come in different sizes and are often based on the size of your home.  A professional HVAC business can help you decide which size would cool your home the best.  Another type of cooling system on the market is ductless air conditioning units.  Unlike central air, ductless air units don’t use air ducts to move cooled air.  Instead, several small units are placed around the home.  These units are generally mounted on walls and are connected to a central unit outdoors.  Ductless air conditioners are great because all indoor units can be controlled separately.  If you don’t use a room or space in your house as much, you can simply turn off that indoor unit and save energy.  For homeowners that wish to be very energy efficient, then ductless air conditioners are just for you.  Heat pumps can also cool your home.  These systems can do both heating and cooling.  They move heat within the air to other locations.  To cool your home, the unit simply extracts the heat indoors and releases it outdoors.

ductless air conditioning

Energy recovery ventilation

Owning a home is a lot of work. My wife and I moved into our new home 3 years ago. I never imagined the amount of work we would have to do to our home. When we first moved in, we installed a new water heater. The reason we did that is because the old one failed on us. It quit producing hot water. A few months later, our HVAC system broke. We called a HVAC technician to have him repair the HVAC system. The technician informed us that our heating and cooling system was very outdated. He also said that it would cost more to repair than the system is worth. It was suggested that we purchase a new heating and cooling system. We decided to move forward with the purchase of a new heating and cooling system. I also wanted to install an energy recovery ventilation system. My friend recently installed one and he said that his indoor air quality has increased drastically. I did some reading about indoor air pollution and I do not want to be exposed to that. I want to breathe the highest quality indoor air possible. My wife thinks this is a good idea too. I am glad that she is on the same page because she controls the money. I persuaded her by informing her that energy recovery ventilation will not only keep our home healthy, but it will also help us to save money. When you utilize an energy recovery ventilation system, you are able to pretreat the air coming into your house. This will reduce the workload on your heater or air conditioner, depending on the season.

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Coming home to AC

I have been a farmer for my entire life. My parents and my grandparents were farmers too. My farm has actually been in my family for over 100 years. My grandfather liked to do as much as he could while spending the least amount of money possible. My father also operated under the same views. I tend to enjoy the comforts of life a little more than they did. That is why I recently bought a tractor that has air conditioning. The air conditioning in the cab of my tractor has made farming much easier in the summer. On the days that I do not work in my tractor, I look forward to going home to my air conditioner. My wife and I recently installed a new air conditioner in our house. It is a ductless multi-split air conditioner. We were able to install a unit in each of the rooms in our house. This keeps our house cool and comfortable. My kids are happy with the new system because they can control the temperature in their own rooms. My wife also likes that she has the ability to change the temperature with a remote. This way she does not have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to change the temperature in our bedroom. I don’t know how my parents ever lived without air conditioning. I am really glad that we decided to purchase this new system. Our new air conditioner has made my life much more comfortable. It has also already begun to save me money on my cooling expenses.

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Air conditioners

When it comes to cooling your home in the summer, there are many different options. Most people like to stick with what they know. Forced air conditioning is what my family is used to. My parents had one installed when I was 6 years old. We have been operating the same air conditioner for 12 years now. My parents have been complaining about how high their energy bills are. Their way to combat this is to turn the air conditioning off every morning. The house gets really hot and humid. I tried to explain to them that they cannot do this. It will cause mold to grow in our home. I took it upon myself to research energy saving strategies. What I found was a different solution than I intended. There are many heating and cooling systems out there that are highly energy efficient. Energy efficiency can lead to a lot of savings. I told my parents of the many types of air conditioners available. There were two types that I thought were well suited for our home. The ductless heat pump was the first. It offers energy efficiency for heating and cooling your home. We don’t use a furnace much, but this system would completely eliminate the need for a furnace altogether. The other system I liked was the ductless multi-split air conditioner. The ductless multi-split air conditioner is one of the most energy efficient air conditioners on the market. It only makes sense that my parents purchase a new and energy efficient air conditioning system. Then they won’t have to turn off the air conditioning in the morning.

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The installation of an air purifier can significantly improve your health, comfort, and enjoyment of your home.  An air purifier is helpful in preventing respiratory illnesses and allergy attacks.  They eliminate the spread of mold in the home.  HEPA filters are effective in capturing particles down to  0.3 microns in size.  Since mold spores range in size from about one to twenty microns, a HEPA filter gets the job done.  These systems break down allergens to eliminate their harmful effects.  They fight against pet dander, filter and circulating air in the home multiple times an hour.  You’ll enjoy superior breathing air.  Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to allergies because of weaker body systems.  Air purifiers supply clean air for them.  By removing odor problems, capturing tiny particles, and pollen, these systems protect your home environment.  They are designed to combat against smoke particles and unpleasant odors. It is possible that exterior contaminants sometimes enter the house.  Air purifiers provide a barrier against hazardous gas compounds.  It’s extremely important to keep the air in your bedroom clean and healthy.  People breathe deeper during sleep.   You will sleep better and feel more confident with the addition of an air purifier.  These units help to keep pillow covers and bedding free of dust mite feces.  Without allergens circulating in the air, you will breathe easier.  Your whole home will be kept cleaner.  The accumulation of dust on furniture can be greatly reduced.  This very helpful for people who suffer from asthma.  There is also a lowered risk of airborne disease.

indoor air quality

Heat pump install

If you live in a milder climate, your year round temperature needs can be controlled by a heat pump.  These systems act like a furnace during the winter months, supplying gentle warmth to the home.  They reverse operation in summer to provide sufficient cooling.  These systems do not burn fuel to generate heat.  They do not utilize electricity to create heat.  These systems transfer heat to and from the home.  The systems absorbs warmth from the atmosphere or ground, multiplies it, and then delivers it to the home for heating.  For cooling, heat is transferred from the house to create a cooling effect.  That process allows superior efficiency.  In fact, an electric heat pump is one of the most efficient heating systems you can install in your home.  There are both electric and natural gas options available.  You can significantly reduce the cost of air conditioning your home.  During winter, an electric heat pump does not overdry the air when heating.  This avoids the need for a humidifier.  These systems achieve a much more uniform comfort level.  There are none of the fluctuations in temperature that you get from a forced-air furnace.  A furnace will blast on, quickly heat up the room, and then shut down.  This stopping and starting can leave you cold.  A variable-speed heat pump literally adjusts to the conditions within the home, changing speeds to achieve maximum efficiency.  This creates a consistent and more comfortable temperature.  A heat pump is very quiet.  The air compressor is located outside, keeping noise levels under control within the house.

air conditioning install

Heating system

I have decided to treat myself. I played around with a few ideas on what to buy. I could get some new movies for my collection. I could buy this really cute dress online. I also could buy myself a heating and cooling system. I decided to be practical. Every home needs a heating and cooling system. We need the system to be comfortable. We also need the system to make our family comfortable. Even if your kids are grown up and out of the house you need a proper system. Eventually they will come home and you want them to stay awhile. My grandparents have a furnace in their home. The have the furnace running all throughout the winter. During the holidays I have to wear shorts in their home. In the summer the have an air conditioner always on. Their house is so cold. I remember swimming in their pool and going into their freezing house. Now they have done the right thing on investing in a quality system. They just need help with temperature control. A talk with an HVAC technician on proper temperature would be good for them. But what system was good for me? I looked into heat pumps that can heat and cool my home. I just decide where I want the heat energy to go. The heat energy moves to the indoor or outdoor unit. It just is a decision of where you want the warm air. I looked into a boiler and it was too expensive. I know boilers end up saving a homeowner money but I could not make the initial investment.

heating tune-up


There are so many heating options for ones home. What is the best system for your home? I personally have a central heating system. I have a furnace. The furnace is set to heat my home to one temperature. This is not all that energy efficient. What I do is keep my house airtight. I close every door I can and stick towels underneath them. I also caulk the windows and put towels around them. This keeps all the cold air out of my home. I also only go in my living room. I do my exercises and my homework in the living room. I also love movies. I watch all my movies in the living room. This is why a furnace is the best option for me. I only need to heat the one room and I am conscious about keeping the heat in my one room. There are also heat pumps. This is an indoor and outdoor unit. It also can heat and cool your home. You decide where you want the heat energy. You can move the heat energy to the indoor or outdoor unit. This system is also ductless. Ductwork gets damaged and dirty. It is better when the system does not have ductwork. There is also radiant flooring that saves you energy because you do not have to heat the floors very warm. Boilers are the most energy efficient system however. Boilers are really big heating systems. It heat water under or in the floorboards. A boiler is an expensive initial investment. But a boiler will save you money on your heat bill in the future.