HVAC for my grandpa

My grandfather is my hero. When our father passed away when we were very young he stepped in as a fatherly figure to help raise us. We owe him everything for everything he has done and there is no way we could ever fully repay him for his undying care. Now that he is getting older though the roles have reversed and it has become our responsibility to take care of him and help him out. He fell and broke his hip a little over a year ago and still has not fully recovered. Since his bedroom is upstairs it has become very hard for him to get up there. So we had a chair escalator system installed for him to help him climb up and down. Our grandfather also has trouble breathing as he struggles from emphysema. In very hot and very cold conditions are when his breathing is the absolute worst. To help him with that we had a new air conditioning unit installed. This heating and cooling system comes with zone control which allows him to set different temperatures in different rooms of his house. I know when he sleeps he enjoys the room being a little warmer so he can set the thermostat to around 73 degrees when he sleeps. When he watches TV he also can set the temperature in the living room to 68 as I know he likes it colder during the day. The HVAC system also comes with a wireless thermostat. This has a remote and can allow him to set his heating and cooling system to the temperature he prefers while sitting in his chair.

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Cleaning a HVAC system

Every heating and cooling system will live and last for as long as you determine it to. Your determination is all based off of how well you take care of your HVAC system. I have seen many people take care of their heating and cooling system rather poorly. Many folk do not clean it as often as they should which can be detrimental to the overall health of your heating and cooling system. Not to mention how bad not cleaning your heating and cooling unit can be for you and your family’s overall health. If you do not frequently clean the vents and air ducts of your heating and cooling system then you will never get rid of the dirt and dust that lingers inside. Your filter is responsible for collecting the dirt and dust in your home and in your system. The filters prevent the dirt from going back into the rooms of your home. However, if you fail to clean it, too much dirt will back up and clog the system. This can force the filter to rip and spit the dirt back out into the rooms of your home and ruin the breathing space where you and your family are. If you feel that you are cleaning it properly maybe you should also have an HVAC technician come and look to make sure you are taking the right steps to cleaning it fully. My wife and I thought we were cleaning it correctly but our daughter was still having allergic reactions to dust that was floating around in our home.furnace service

Installing new A/C units

I want a central cooling system.  It’s not like wanting a new pair of shoes.  I can’t just run to the store, try on a pair, and swipe my credit card.  Central air conditioning is a major investment.  It requires saving up a lot of dimes, nickels, and pennies.  It requires some extensive research.  I want to make smart choices.  I don’t want to buy a cooling unit that breaks down every month and sends my utility bills through the roof.  I need to find a reliable HVAC contractor.  These trained professionals are familiar with all the makes and models.  They know how to properly size and install the unit.  I don’t want to call the wrong contractor.  I don’t want to call the guy who started his own business because he got fired from the local fast food restaurant.  It would be nice if he had more than a screwdriver in his box of tools.  I would really like him to have some training, maybe an official license, and even certification.  I’m going to look for a factory authorized dealership.  At least, these technicians specialize in a specific brand.  I’m also going to insist upon a NATE-certified technician.  At least my guy will have passed a test.  I am also hoping to find a contractor who offers a guarantee on workmanship.  The manufacturer’s warranty protects the equipment.  I want to be protected from careless installation mistakes as well.  Once I invest my hard-earned dollars in a central cooling system, it needs to operate perfectly.  It needs to last a very long time.

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Fixing a bad air conditioner

When you’re faced with problems with your air conditioner on the hottest day of the year, what do you do?  Call a trustworthy HVAC contractor, who provides quick and affordable service.  You don’t want to struggle along with diminished comfort or live with strange smells or sounds.  Ignoring issues with cooling equipment can result in property damage, degraded air quality, and even system failure.  It’s just about a guarantee that you’re paying more to operate your air conditioner.  The unit relies on every component working perfectly in order to achieve peak efficiency ratings.  Even minor problems, like maintenance issues, cause extended run times and greater energy use.  In the end, you’ll pay more to be less comfortable.  It’s best to take care of any sign of trouble immediately.  Let the trained professional diagnose and correct problems within the system.  They have the industry background, updated training, and sophisticated tools to optimize components and restore peak condition.  If you rely on a factory authorized contractor, their technicians are normally NATE-certified and adhere to strict service procedures.  They will utilize factory authorized parts, when possible, to ensure maximum efficiency and durability.  It is helpful to find an HVAC provider who offers round-the-clock emergency service.  Repairs aren’t always confined to regular business hours.  There are times when waiting until Monday morning for service is not a viable option.  You need immediate and knowledgeable assistance.  Make sure the technician is well-versed in all makes and models.  Look for upfront or flat rate pricing.  Get the courteous and skilled service you need.haeting and air conditioning

How your ductless mini split works

It’s time to think about the installation of a ductless mini split.  Throw away those annoying and ugly space heaters.  Get rid of window air conditioners.  Set your box fans beside the curb.  You aren’t going to need them anymore.  You’ve been getting along with inefficient and cumbersome solutions to heating and cooling because you don’t have ductwork.  It used to be that ductwork was the magic key to comfort.  That is no longer the case.  If you have an exterior wall, you can enjoy rewarding temperature control.  A ductless mini split system is comprised of two main components.  There is an indoor air handler and an outdoor condensing unit.  These two components are connected by a conduit.  The conduit requires a small, three-inch hole in the wall.  The outdoor unit can be located up to fifty feet away from the air handler.  It is quite compact so it can be mounted on the backside of the house.  The indoor unit features a slim profile, sleek jacket, and is very lightweight.  It can be installed high on the wall or even the ceiling.  Ductless mini splits avoid the energy losses, maintenance requirements, and dust of duct systems.  You don’t need to give up square footage or closet space to ductwork.  You don’t need to live through the mess, disruption, and expense of remodeling.  A ductless mini split can be installed in a single day.  The unit sends conditioned air directly into the room, so it is very efficient.  Each indoor unit features a wireless remote, and temperatures can be raised and lowered very quickly.

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Preventing mold in your HVAC equipment

How often do you clean under your refrigerator?  It is a huge pain to do.  The refrigerator is quite heavy.  It doesn’t move easily.  I’m always afraid I’m going to tip over a jar of pickles.  I make myself tackle the job about once a year.  I’m always a little worried about what I’m going to find hidden under there.  There’s always a thick layer of dust.  Sometimes there’s crumbs or a dried piece of tomato.  I’ve found bits of broken glass, toys, a pencil or two, and a penny.  I feel better once the job is done, but I’m the only one who knows the difference.  It’s not like the dust under the refrigerator bothers anybody.  It’s not nearly as important as the air conditioner or the furnace.  The HVAC system handles the air my family breathes.  When there’s dust and grime inside the heating and cooling unit, our health is threatened.  And there can be way worse things than pennies hidden in the inner workings.  Mice love to use ductwork passages as their personal roadways.  They not only leave droppings behind, they sometimes die within the system.  If you’ve got a decomposing rodent in your split system, you’ve also got mold.  Once mold gets started, you’re in trouble.  Every mold colony produces thousands of spores.  When you activate the heating and cooling system, those spores become airborne.  They get circulated throughout the house and inhaled.  When contaminants build up inside the HVAC unit, components become clogged.  This inhibits airflow.  As you can probably guess, a clean system operates much more efficiently.

Temperature control

My husband and I are planning a motorcycle trip.  We figure to be on the road for about a week.  We have an idea of our itinerary and some points of interest.  The trip, however, is designed to be flexible.  We are not booking any hotels in advance.  We are not buying tickets to any of the tourist attractions we hope to see.  The weather will make many of our decisions.  If we are lucky enough to enjoy sunny days, we will complete the day’s ride.  If we are caught by rain, we will hide in a motel room.  Bad weather might slow us down.  It is somewhat difficult to plan a wardrobe.  Although the days are currently very hot, it is easy to feel chilled on a motorcycle.  The wind has a significant impact on comfort.  We need to pack clothing for both the ride and the stops.  We will be prepared for rain, heat, and cold.  Taking the motorcycle makes the trip an adventure.  It would be a very different experience in a car.  We would have the ability to fight off the weather.  A car would allow us to control the temperature with either the heater or the air conditioner.  We could keep the air circulating and feeling fresh, even with the windows rolled up.  We might as well stay home, inside the house.  Our HVAC system maintains perfect temperatures all year round.  The furnace handles the cold.  That air conditioning manages the heat.  We are completely comfortable.  We are looking for a bit more excitement on our motorcycle trip.


Scheduling a HVAC tune-up

Last winter felt really long. It started snowing earlier than it usually does. It also snowed longer into the year than it usually did. By the time spring and summer came I was ready to move on. You can only shovel your driveway so many times before you start to give up. The winter is a hard time for me because I don’t like it. The one thing I can count on is my heating system. My house is always warm and it makes me feel very comfortable. When my heating system breaks there is going to be a big issue. My heating system stopped working last winter. It was during one of our big storms. I had to wait until the storm was over so the HVAC technician could travel to my home. He made it in a decent amount of time, but I was already feeling cold. He checked out my HVAC unit and not only did I have a clogged air filter, I also had a broken fan motor. I did not understand how my heater was working perfectly just a little bit ago and now it was broken. He had to replace my fan motor. He also cleaned and replaced my air filter. He had asked me when the last time I cleaned them was. I usually do not clean them or change them; I didn’t know I had to. He advised me to get tune ups twice a year so that my air filters are free from dirt and buildup. Tune ups will prevent some of these breakdowns in the future. If I sign up for the maintenance program I won’t have to worry about calling the HVAC business for every appointment. You set up the appointment ahead of time. If you need anything before those times, just feel free to call.

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Air filtration

We all want to have the best of everything. When we start making more money we only try to make more and more. As humans we always want more and better. It is human nature to be like that. It is the same thing with our homes and objects. We want to be better than our friends and neighbors. One thing you can always get better with is the air quality of your home. There are so many ways you can increase the air quality of your home. Your neighbors and friends will be impressed with your HVAC system. One of the best ways to keep your air quality at best is by having an air filtration system. The air filtration system allows your system to remove all pollutants that may enter your home. Basic filters may not exactly achieve this. They get the basic stuff that floats around but sometimes it does not catch it all. With an air filtration system you can count on it to catch all pollutants. One specific type of air filter is an air purifier. Air purifiers uses electrostatic energy to remove the pollutants. When the pollutants pass through the filter they receive a charge. There is a collector plate that contains the opposite charge. The pollutants are attracted to this plate and makes them stick. This is how an air purifier works. It will guarantee your home to feel fresh. No longer will you have to breathe in dirty pollutants. An HVAC technician will properly install one into your home so that you will not have problems with poor installation. They are available to you 24 hours a day for your happiness and comfort.

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Air conditioner maintenance

My job is the absolute worst. I feel like a bum every single day when I walk into work. It has been the same exact thing for the last 12 years. Nothing has ever changed at this office and I don’t think it ever will. Nobody ever gets promoted and the morale is awful. That’s why I look forward to going home every single day to my amazing family. It makes me feel like a human being again. However, I wasn’t too happy when I got home one day last week and realized the air conditioner wasn’t working right. I spent all day in a miserable office. The only thing I wanted to do was play with my two young kids in my cool, refreshing living room. However, the lack of working cooling equipment was making me, my wife and the children sweat. It felt as though we were outside in the summer heat. I hated it. I called my HVAC business the next morning. They said the heatwave had broken many homeowners’ air conditioning this week and that they would try to squeeze me in. Luckily, I got the last appointment of the work week and an HVAC technician was able to come over to our house and perform an efficient air conditioner repair. It was cool in our house within an hour or two of him coming. I will never again put myself in that type of situation again. I chose to sign up for an HVAC maintenance program while the tech was at my house that day.air conditioner installation