A/C to the heater device

Summer is a fantastic time to be outside, especially at the beach.  The weather is nice, people are out, plus there is usually plenty of activity going on.  One of our favorite things about summer are all the outdoor activities you can go out and do.  I live in the North.  Every one of us still have summers and it also gets very hot, but our winters are long and especially cold.  During the winter months, there is nothing to do but try and keep warm staying next to the heating system all day within your household.  Outside is usually frosty and there is usually a lot of snow.  During the summer however there is so much to do outdoors!  Occasionally you forget that it gets extremely hot out there.  This may seem odd for up north however last summer our buddy almost got heat stroke while hiking outside.  Luckily someone nearby really had their cooling system on full blast and I believe it saved our friend’s life.  Air conditioners this far up north are kind of rare overall.  Luckily, I was able to cool our buddy off underneath the A/C vent for long enough.  We poured ice water on him plus let him lay right underneath the cooling system vent for as long as he needed.  He eventually cooled off plus his heart rate went back to normal after a little bit of time.  I couldn’t know how lucky we really were to find somebody with A/C nearby because there were no houses for many miles around.  After some rest in the A/C we were able to feel recovered.  On the hike back to our residence I had secretly resolved to look for a nice dwelling that had a good heating system along with a good A/C system.  My modern place only had an old electric heating system that didn’t work very well.  After seeing first hand how important it is to be able to cool off, I figured it would be best to acquire a house with good air conditioning.

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A/C units are so old in the building

I was recently confronted by our boss and was provided a job that seemed to be somewhat of a challenging task.  The company that I am working for had recently acquired many off-site locations in order to convert them into offices.  The real estate purchases in addition to new offices were part of a development program to decentralize the corporate office structure to better respond to customer needs in addition to improve performance by employees.  There were literally dozens of spaces that needed to be furnished.  My boss told myself and others that most of the locations were absolutely older properties. I had the unenviable task of assessing the Heating and Air Conditioning units of 3 of the locations personally.  The first location I went to was pretty rough and also did not even have central air conditioning. It was a duplex building with window AC units that looked way older than I was.  The layout was entirely fantastic though plus it actually had a courtyard.  The very next location I visited was huge.  It was an older lake house that still had central air conditioning in addition to heat.  I walked into the home and could instantaneously tell that the A/C was working flawlessly.  The people working inside the home had the thermostat set at a very low temperature.  As I moved onto the next location I found myself driving to a very nice area.  I arrived at the loft and took the elevator up to the seventh floor.  It took me several moments to realize that the loft was cooled in addition to heated by many inconspicuous pale white boxes attached to the ceiling.  I had never seen a mini-split ductless system in action before and was very impressed with how efficient it was.  My task was actually not bad and it was pretty nice to get away from the office for a little. It was nice to be able to see 3 completely different heating in addition to cooling systems at work.

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A/C paired with misting fans

Living in the South is great most of the time, as long as you have access to excellent air conditioning. If you don’t, then you’re likely wishing that you lived much further north. Recently I moved into this spacious four bedroom new home with my attractive partner and youngsters. The new home is old, however the air conditioner is top-notch thanks to the previous owners, but what both of us enjoy most about the new home is the massive front and backyard areas, where both of us can have picnics or family events, or just play with the youngsters. It’s superb and all, however occasionally it just gets too hot! Obviously you can’t air-condition the outdoors, however I don’t prefer having to run inside just to cool off for more than nine minutes at a time. I get a great deal of satisfaction sitting on my back porch with my partner, since it gets a little too loud in the new home occasionally. So I decided to call this local Heating and A/C dealer and asked for suggestions. They advocated misting fans, which are exactly what they actually sound like – fixed fans that spray a light mist in front of the propeller, pushing cooler moist air in the area covered by the fan. Simple in structure and function, I felt it was a great solution overall. I set an appointment for this new installation for the following week, and now we’re enjoying being able to relax on our back porch under the large fan as it blows cooled air down at us. Not only does it give us a way to stay outside when both of us want to, but it allows my partner and I to be inside while the youngsters keep playing outside. It’s the little breaks in the afternoon, no matter how small, that make our jobs as parents way more enjoyable.

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Cleaning the HVAC ducts

My sibling moved into this older lake house about a few weeks ago. When I helped her transfer all her stuff into the house, our dust irritations were starting to act up pretty bad. However, I figured it was all the dust plus pollen free-floating into the lake house after weeks or years without any cleaning. The last time I went to visit her though, she had been fully moved in plus living there for over a week, but I had the same problem! She doesn’t have any dust irritations it seems, but she was complaining about how it was regularly dusty no matter how often she cleaned, and on a hunch, I grabbed a flashlight plus shined it into a single one of the air vents. There was a ton of dust in the duct, plus that was just a little bit of ductwork that I could see! I told her she needed to call a Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company to send someone out plus disinfect the ducts, but being the curious one, she looked up the average price for a duct cleaning plus immediately said she wouldn’t do it. Obviously she wasn’t going to just sit around a dusty house, so I was going to provide some help to disinfect the ducts, however we looked up some do-it-yourself guides online for cleaning ductwork, plus while she went out to buy modern filters, I got to task on cleaning the registers plus ducts with her shop-vac. She must’ve stopped to buy lunch on the way back home, because it took over an hour for her to come back to the house. Luckily for her, I was practically done cleaning the ducts, so she just needed to put the modern air filters in and everything would be complete. It was great for me that she did pick up some lunch for both of us.

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Boiler installation for the house

I have often dreamt about having radiant heated floors installed into my property. Next fall, I am tackling a significant renovation project and hope to add a hydronic heating system. Purchasing a boiler and implementing radiant flooring will add up to a sizable cost. I need to tear out the old heating system, rip up the floors, buy the new components and pay the amount for installation. Handling the sizing and implementation with the heating system is not some do-it-yourself project. I will need to hire a licensed and experienced HVAC contractor to build everything correctly. I need to be sure that I am able to get the most for my money. I’ve done a great amount of work researching hydronic heating and know that it is a great deal better than forced air. The boiler will be located in the basement, and will supply heated water to pipes that will be concealed under the flooring. The heat will be entirely hidden, and it won’t require valuable space. A boiler with radiant heating will operate without making a sound, it does not introduce any contaminants into the environment, and doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance. Because the heat is a lot more evenly distributed and rises so slowly, the radiant flooring provides superior comfort and allows you to save money with lower thermostat options. I’ll definitely save a lot of money on monthly energy bills, and I’m hoping that in a few years I will fully recover my investment. I can’t wait to get up on a cold winter morning and not bother with wearing socks. I’m looking forward to standing barefoot on the floors inside of my property. I know that having radiant flooring will certainly make the longer winter months a great deal more tolerable.

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The heating system to survive

When my better half accepted a promotion at this company, we were required to transport up north. We figured it would be an exciting adventure for the two of us. Having lived our entire lives down inside the South, we were not prepared for the extreme cold winters of the North. I expected the snow to remain romantic and fun. I envisioned taking long walks in the snow, building snowmen, going skiing and sipping hot chocolate. I had no clue that I would hide inside my house for six months straight, huddled by the heater. I had no idea how expensive it truly is to heat a house should the outside temperature drop to five below zero. Suddenly, the furnace was a very important appliance for our property. Preventing energy waste and clearing away drafts became my main mission. I spent lots of money on insulation, weatherstripping, and caulk. I lived in concern with the furnace malfunctioning, and couldn’t stop myself from continually fixing the thermostat. I constantly cleaned the air filter, enrolled in a heating as well as cooling maintenance plan, and started researching humidifiers. I learned that nothing at all is charming or lovely about the snow and cold weather. I couldn’t stand shoveling the sidewalks and driveway regularly. I didn’t like having to start my car twenty minutes before I went anywhere, just to let the heater run so that the windshield could thaw out. I was miserable having to bundle up in sweaters, wool coat, heavy boots and knitted hats. I didn’t even care to own a furnace, let alone depend on it for staying alive. I couldn’t wait to get out of there and go back to the South, and enjoy the sun and warmth. I am a great deal happier living with air conditioning, sandals, and palm trees.

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AC leaking coolant

After getting set up in our house recently, we had several problems with it. This is normal since the house is quite old, but one problem that we absolutely needed to fix immediately was our air conditioner. Lucky for me, my husband happens to be an HVAC technician, so he knew all about our current AC and he would be able to fix it. He actually needed to go to work that morning, so our AC wasn’t working for the entire day. I am a stay-at-home-mom and I had to handle the heat all day long while my better half was at work. I couldn’t wait for him to get back. By the time he got home, he got right to working again. I felt bad for him but it was really important that our HVAC system was fixed asap because I couldn’t deal with it much longer. He uncovered the problem, which was great but it was quite a process to figure everything out. He explained that the refrigerant was literally gone. Our air conditioner had been super low on refrigerant, which meant it was either undercharged in installation, or it had been leaking. If it leaks, adding more refrigergent would not be the proper solution. He has to be able to manually fix the leak, evaluate the repair, and then charge the device with the correct amount of refrigerant. It took him quite a long time to fix the leak, but I was so proud that my husband was such a great HVAC tech. He learned what he was doing and we weren’t required to spend the extra money for an actual service call.

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Horrible allergies and air quality

My own boyfriend has terrible allergies. I feel like he is allergic to everything imaginable. His allergy symptoms resemble having a cold. He sneezes, gets sore throats, coughs, gets a runny nose along with congestion. I wasn’t even aware that he previously allergies until we moved in together, and I also brought along my dog and cat with me. His eyes swelled up and additionally were constantly itching along with some other symptoms. Unfortunately, I had to give up my cat and dog to my parents, and they will be staying with them for a while. I was definitely sad about that, but I really wanted to live with my boyfriend so I did what I had to. In our house, my boyfriend has a ‘man cave’. It’s down inside the basement. The basement is cold, damp, humid and has a little bit of scent to it. Naturally my boyfriend was allergic to everything downstairs also. One day my friend recommended that we try out an air purifier system. I didn’t even understand what it was or what it actually did! An air purifier is a device which removes contaminants from the air in the room/basement. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this system before. After checking out which air purifier works best for allergy sufferers, we splurged and bought two air purification devices. They were quite expensive, but we really needed to possess a solution to help my boyfriend along with his allergies. We now have great quality of air in our basement and my better half doesn’t have to suffer while lurking in his man cave.

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The ac unit was busted

I happen to have four children and I love our family. We are always there for one another. My youngest child is only three years old and therefore can’t be left alone by herself. So one night when my own spouse and I wanted to go to dinner, we had our oldest child watch the little ones. We have done this quite a few times before and have never had a problem until that particular night. We had a fantastic dinner and then a lovely night out but when we finally arrived home, things were not going nearly as well as our date went. We have an air conditioner which happened to be placed in the window, yet it was on the ground in our living room! It is an expensive unit, as we didn’t actually have an entire HVAC system installed within our home. Because we live in a very warm climate, there is no need for a furnace. For our house, it is just as efficient but less costly to get a window air conditioner. When I attempted to put the unit back inside of the window, it actually fell apart! I was so incredibly mad and couldn’t understand why my oldest child let the youngest run around free without supervision. I sent them to their rooms in frustration. I could not manage to find a way to keep my residence cool, as we could not afford a new air conditioning unit at that moment. Luckily, my friend was moving from her old home and into a new one that already had a HVAC system installed. She generously gave me her old window air conditioner unit. I do not think I will be leaving the house again until my youngest grows up a little bit!

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Changing the temperature

When the paint on my paintbrush hits a canvas, it is like nothing else. Some people may paint for just the money involved when one becomes an artist, but not me. I paint for the pure love of the paintings. Do not misunderstand me, when the finished product is actually hanging upon a wall for everyone to see it’s actually a very satisfying feeling. But the journey to reach that finished product is the part of the process that I enjoy the very most. I have been lucky enough to establish myself as a successful artist that is able to make a living solely by painting. My specialty is portraying landscapes of various environments. To really get the sense that I am actually inside the painting, I adjust my thermostat to the very temperature of the environment I am trying to replicate. For example, if I am painting a winter wonderland with snow resting on tree branches close to a rushing creek, I will always crank up the air conditioner to feel like I was really standing inside the snow. If I were trying to paint a portrait of a sandy beach with the water crashing onto the shore, I would turn up the furnace and feel the heat surrounding me as though I were really on the beach. People think I’m a bit crazy when I tell them that the trick to my artistry is through my HVAC system! They say that there’s no way a furnace or air conditioning equipment could create such talent, but those people are most certainly wrong. My HVAC system happens to be what generates the profits I make as an artist today, and if I had the chance I would never change things.

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