Heater system burned my baby

My husband and I have the cutest and most curious toddler ever. I might be somewhat biased but I must say I have people stop me regularly to look at our little girl. She is about two now and she is into everything. The other morning, I walked into my bathroom see that she had somehow gotten my lipstick drawer open. She had red and pink smears across her face, luckily she hadn’t eaten any of them. She was just using the lipsticks like crayons to draw on her face and on our bathroom floor. Two weeks ago my hubby called me to inform me that somehow our little girl had found the puppy treats and was sitting on the living room floor eating them. We both had a minor panic attack so we called the company to guarantee there weren’t harmful chemicals in them. We were so lucky, and he was just fine. I don’t know what to do about her curious nature nowadays, we’ve had the entire house inspected by a pro babyproofer and she still manages to get into everything. I’m nervous that she’ll get into something that could really harm her. Last night, this worst fear came true. We’re sitting in the family room and she was crawling all over the place, I took my eyes from her for three seconds and she made her way to our furnace. I don’t know how she got over to the furnace before we noticed. She was intending to reach in and press the pilot light in the furnace just as I scooped her up.

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Zoned HVAC

We live in the south in a several story house. We moved five years ago and the people I was with and I hope on staying a while as we just had twins. We want to live in this home at least until they go to school, but hope for longer. The home has some different architecture, such as high ceilings and a master study room extending out into the back from the main home almost like an addition. Since the people I was with and I live down south, the people I was with and I rely a lot on our air conditioner units. We have two different systems – a single for the first floor and a smaller unit for the two next floors! Unfortunately, they barely function to keep the home under 76 degrees during summer and the people I was with and I are in dire need of a new system. We put it off for as long as we could, however the upstairs unit finally kicked the bucket. One of the local heating and a/c companies that the people I was with and I talked suggested that the people I was with and I replace the units with a single zoned dual-stage idea and humidity control. It’s a huge investment compared as it would require re-doing all of the duct job in the house. On top of that, the zoned idea is more high-priced than two non-zoned smaller air conditioner units. I am having a hard time deciding which possibility would be better. I obviously want the best value for our finances and I can’t tell which investment is better for our family. I am going to ask around at church next Tuesday to see what our friends have in their homes for air conditioner units. Hopefully, they can shed some light on this Heating, Ventilation, and A/C problem!

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What to do about the heater

I am not quite sure what to do about our furnace. I have a natural gas furnace that just broke down on me. I contacted a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker to come out and look at the damage and give me a quote on repairing the furnace; He said it would be about $740 to fix. It’s a problem with the igniter and the motor. The issue is that the furnace is already 20 years old, I am not sure how much longer it will live. Most places I check on the internet state that furnaces last, on average, 25 years or so…I don’t need to spend $740 if the furnace is going to shut down next year anyway. I am completely clueless when it comes to this stuff and honestly need some good advice. I don’t really trust a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker to help me make this choice. I am thinking they are going to advice that I update the entire furnace so they can make more money off me. I am scared of them taking advantage of and buying something lavish that isn’t necessary. I live out west and it honestly does not get that cold in the Winter time. I think it falls below freezing just once an entire year. So, I really don’t need a super fancy furnace. On top of that, my home is only 1200 square feet, so it’s really tiny, and I live alone, so I really don’t need the whole home to be warm. I am not new home often anyway. It would be great to figure out how much more efficient a new heating system would be compared to ours. I am going to try to crunch some numbers tonight to help make this decision!


Thermostat on program

As i purchased a programmable thermostat thus would not have to manually adjust the thermostat at night. Obviously, we don’t need the air conditioner on as much at night as we do through the day. It also helps to lower cost at the end of the month, and who doesn’t have to save money, right? I also set the thermostat higher in days which work. Why would I just want to cool my house down all day long when I am not there. So I set it up to the location where the temperature control is kept higher at a minimum of five days a week nevertheless is programmed to kick to the A/C and bring the temperature back down again during the time I leave work. That strategy, the house is cool again when I get home. The air conditioning is usually programmed to my preferred climate control relating to the weekends, so I don’t get too hot or too chilled. Another nice feature this programmable thermostat has is that it can also be programmed for different seasons. Undoubtedly, I won’t need the air conditioning on in the winter time but instead the thermostat can keep the heat going at my preferred temperature control that’ll enhance my overall air top quality. My daughter came home from college and was quite unexpectedly surprised to see that the air conditioner was possibly not on. She called me at work to inform me she was home and additionally mentioned that it was warm inside our home. I explained to her about the programmable thermostat and to just do it– just adjust the air conditioner to the preferred temperature with the time only and that I’d personally be home soon to join her in our cooled home.


No AC for my man

In my relationship I’m the one with a tight hold on the purse strings. Between my husband and I, I’m the reasonable one when it comes to finances, and I try to keep us out from the red with every decision I make. For instance, my husband is very food driven and often likes to eat out when I don’t believe it’s necessary. I’m not about to spend money on food and service when we now have a fridge full of food at home, acquired at a discounted expense, nonetheless. I’m always the logical individual and always the bad guy when it comes to spending. That’s why I’ve been so shocked about his reluctance to purchase a new air conditioner. You see, although we have central air, the air conditioning unit is effectively past its prime. The cooling machine is at least 15 years old, and works unreliably. Most of the home is adequately cooled, but the superior level where all 3 bedrooms are is unbearable during the summer time. It seems like the AC simply can’t cool that particular area. I’m not sure if this problem stems from the distance between the AC unit and the top level, or if it’s as the top floor collects more hot air as it rises through our house, or both of these elements combined; all I know is it’s impossible to sleep during the night in the muggy air 2nd floor. I keep trying to convince my hubby we need a new central AC unit; in the meantime, we’re wasting cash running this current air conditioner in vain.

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Unable to sleep with no AC

I’m so jealous of people who can sleep whenever they close their eyes. I have had several friends who simply need to relax and shut their eyelids to be able to drift off to a serious, restful slumber. They can literally fall asleep anywhere, and it’s actually a concern for them. I, on other hand, have never had that experience. I’ve had difficulty asleep for my entire life, dating back to my young childhood when I was scared for the dark and afraid of the world ending while I was asleep. As an adult I have very specific sleep preferences, which include having complete darkness and a very low air temperature. Having cool air is key to falling and staying asleep, and it’s not compromisable. I need to be in a nice cool room with the intention that I can cuddle up straight into my blankets and pillows, and I don’t want to wake up covered in sweat at any point. This sleep difficulty requires me to run my air conditioning exuberantly for a few months of the year, in order to keep my home frigidly cold during the night time. It’s extremely expensive to live like this, but I’ve been in unfortunate situations without ways to access AC, and those nights have not been restful in any way. I simply toss and turn for the whole night, miserably burning up just like a furnace in my bed. I would really prefer to ween myself off of the air conditioning reliance, but at this time I think it’s more realistic to just move to a cold climate.

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Debates on heating with my friends

When going into a new year at the university, I used to fret about who my new roommate would be.  Of course, at our university, students never had an option of who their roommate was, instead, you just showed up, acquired your pre-arranged room assignment, and then you moved in.  During these years, I had some wonderful roommates, some good roommates, plus there was this one roommate that was an extremely bad roommate. However, even my very worst roommate was not perhaps bad by some people’s standards, however to me, he was awful. I first knew that things could be bad when I caught sight of his nasty feet and realized that he must have never clipped his toenails. This roommate, Mike was also very messy.  His stuff was left in heaps all over the room, and then when he did actually clean his clothes (which was rare), he just piled his clean clothes back into a corner, or onto his bed, or he would just leave them there. I do not remember him ever washing his sheets.  His lack of hygiene was bad enough, but even worse, is that he took the bottom bunk plus command of the control unit for the window air conditioning system. Then, he proceeded to keep the heat on at all times of the day, even if it wasn’t cold out. If I happened to ask him to turn the heat off, he would, but he would certainly complain about it. He never once used the air conditioning system. After work, if I got back to the apartment first, I would turn on the air conditioning system. However, when he got back, he would instantaneously turn on the heating instead. No matter what I did, said, or threatened to say, that boy refused to use the air conditioning system like any normal human being! That was the longest, most trying year ever.

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What to do about AC

Last evening, I saw a television commercial about a local Heating, Ventilation & A/C dealer, and the advertisement was for a quiz that the Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor had put on their website that purported to tell whether you needed to service or upgrade your Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit. This made my husband and I very curious because I do not have a reliable Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit!  Because of this, I decided to take the quiz, but most of the questions were ones that I almost expected, like how often I got my Heating, Ventilation & A/C device checked & how old is my Heating, Ventilation & A/C.  Another question was whether or not my yearly electric bills had been going up. At the end of the ten question quiz, I was told that my Heating, Ventilation & A/C device needed to be upgraded. I am sure that this Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor is reputable, although I cannot be sure if I can fully trust them. After all, wouldn’t they profit quite a lot from my buying a new Heating, Ventilation & A/C device from them? Even if I just decided to have them come out & look at my air conditioning system unit, I would still have to pay for the needed checkup. I decided to do some research online this week while on my lunch break, but obviously, I did not want to be stuck without an Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit, although I also did not want to spend money on a new Heating, Ventilation & A/C device if I just need to get mine repaired. After my research, I found out that I should just go ahead & have someone come out & look at my Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit. I went ahead & called the Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor & set up an appointment with a Heating, Ventilation & A/C company for a checkup. If I have to get a new Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit, I will be sad, however at least, I will not have to deal with my subpar climate control any longer!

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Running through AC is not fun

Running in the summer season is never entirely fun, however, it is definitely a nice exercise! Because of the warm temperatures, I am always soaked in sweat within just a few minutes of running. I take extra measures to be sure that I do not get heat stroke while I run, and the first thing that I do before I start running is to make sure that I turn down the thermostat as well as pour a huge glass of water for myself. I want our air conditioner to be very cool when I get back from running. Considering just how hot it gets in the summer, you might think that running in the rain would be lovely, but not always so. Running in the rain is fun and refreshing for a few minutes, but once my shoes get nasty, wet, and muddy, I dislike running in the rain. There is nothing fun about squishing in wet shoes, as well as once I am thoroughly wet, I get very cold. Unfortunately, on the couple of runs that I have been on in the rain, I had already turned down our air conditioner before I left, not realizing that it was going to rain soon.  Not only was I cold from the run, however now I had to deal with our cold air conditioner as well! I had to take a hot shower as well as drink some hot chocolate to warm myself up! I honestly wanted to turn on our furnace, however I knew that I would quickly regret that decision. Instead, I just turned on our electric fireplace for a few minutes, while relaxing in front of it until I warmed up. Running in the summertime is definitely not my number one thing!  

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Need quality heating for storm

The region in which I live does not experience a typical winter. The closest every one of us get to frosty weather is normally the forties or fifties. All Wintertime, every one of us watch as the folks up north get covered in snow, while every one of us continue living. A few weeks ago, though, I saw online that an actual Wintertime storm was supposed to come through our region. Temperatures were supposed to be in the low teens, plus there was an actual chance of snow! Word spread fast, plus everything fell into major chaos instantly. Within hours, stores had sold out of batteries, water, canned soup, plus section heaters. Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C companies were very busy, going to appointment after appointment, do tune-ups on furnaces plus furnaces that had not been used in long whiles! If pigs had flown across the sky, people would have been less freaked out than they were by that Wintertime storm! But my family watched the frantic preparations with amusement. All of us had planned a Wintertime holiday that just happened to go along with the week that the Wintertime storm was supposed to arrive. While everyone else will be huddled around their heaters, waiting out the storm, every one of us will be on our cruise, with no worries other than when lunchtime is! I do hope that the storm will be over with by the time every one of us get back because I am sure that our gas furnace no longer works! All of us will be stuck using our fireplace plus section furnaces if the weather is still cold!

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