Our heating equipment broke down!

A year ago my stepdaughter had a band concert over the Christmas season, and it was completely miserable. She plays the flute and the concert piano. She is extremely talented, and practices every single day for at least three hours. Sometimes it surprises me just how disciplined she constantly is, when it comes to her band instruments. Last year, she was asked to do a solo on the flute, in addition to play the piano for part of the program. It was a few weeks before winter break was to start, and it was freezing outside. The air was cold and dry, and there were snow flurries whipping around in the air when we left for the auditorium. By the time we arrived, it had started snowing heavily, and we could barely see the road any longer. When we arrived to the venue, we were pleased to find it was warm and cozy inside. As the night wore on, the heat got quite a bit more intense. There was no denying that the furnace was broken, and before the end of the first song, half of the group of musicians were sweating. We had started to feel uncomfortably warm as well, but didn’t realize it was the broken furnace causing it. The principal ended up coming on stage, and informed us that the furnace was being repaired shortly, and to take a small break while we waited. They had refreshments, so it wasn’t too large of a deal. Once they were able to repair the furnace, the concert went on. My stepdaughter did a fantastic job, and I was so pleased to show her off! I hope she does that well with this year’s winter concert. Hopefully the furnace won’t be temperamental again!