Our climate control is terrible

I dormed my first year of university. I loathed the dorms for a bunch of reasons. My roommate, Grace, was a nightmare: she was always in the room chatting on the phone or making out with her boyfriend, she never picked up after herself, and her hair was always all over my stuff. On top of that, our room was tiny (basically a glorified prison cell, complete with barred windows). To cap it off, I was on the top floor, which was awful. The highest floor is never the place to be. In the summer, all the heat rose to my room, and the dorm A/C was on the first floor, so the cold air collected down there and the girls there were freezing. I was sweating through my clothes all summer. We couldn’t add a window A/C unit because the windows were too small, so I had to make do with fans. In the winter, the heating system was also on the first floor, so the girls down there were warm, but the third floor was still way too hot. Since heat rises, the third floor was roasting. Grace and I had to use the fans all year. I wish we had a thermostat. I would have liked to adjust the temperature myself so I could jack the A/C in the summer and crank the heat in the winter. But, college doesn’t seem to want you to have good heating and cooling, and you have to make do with forced air HVAC.

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