Old HVAC equipment always ruins my winter

When I go into the office where I work, I am either happy or miserable Overall, I like my job. I am not miserable about the actual job, my boss or the people that I work with. Infact, I like it all. It is just that when I am not comfortable, sometimes I tend to get cranky. For example, in the summer at work, I am a happy camper. I feel warm, comfortable and calm at work. Where I work, business also slows down in the summer for the most part so I can’t complain about that either. Everyone is in such a good mood when the sun is out and the weather is great. It is in the winter when I am miserable. I have to wear many layers to work. I then have to take them all off when I get there and by then I am sweating. It’s like I can not decide if I am too hot or too cold. I wear my heavy snow boots and drag mud and snow around everywhere. I am chilly and the heat in the office is not evenly distributed. The heating unit must be really old or something. That is my assumption. Some of my co workers complain the heat blows too much on them but where I am sitting, I feel the complete opposite. It is a lose, lose situation. Along with the cold temps, work is the most busy in the winter so everyone is already miserable about that. Maybe it is time to start thinking about where I want to move when I retire. It will be a warm place where I do not have to worry about old HVAC units.residential HVAC