Old fashioned heating system

Throughout highschool and into college I had a job that I loved to hate, and my co workers shared that same mindset and while we complained of our tyrannical employer we loved to hate on him too. We had a loud and very noisy a/c unit we blasted in the summer time, it was perfect, kept us chilly. Donna liked it colder than I and sometimes I would step outside to warm up before facing the arctic again. Winter time was where we self actualized as the small northern new england home grown business that we were. There were two heating units, a Defiant cast iron wood stove on either side of the store. We were a wood store, all products made on sight, so we had endless scraps of wood to fuel our manual heating system. When I first started John has been ordering wood for us to burn, which was luxurious. In recent years we have been reduced to purely scraps. We are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel for the biggest of the tiniest scraps of wood to heat up the stores. In these moments I wish we could depend more on a furnace or a boiler system, and just adjust the thermostat to make up for when we only have small bits of wood to work with. But John will not be splurging on courts of wood for us, nor would he agree to a larger monthly oil bill just to make life easier on us. It was best to arrive early and get a head start on the woodstoves, customers didn’t like walking into a cold store!

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