Office air and HVAC conditions

I work within an office building, in a office space, five days a week. I’m sure not happy with this position, but I have an enormous amount of student loans to settle. I make a decent salary, get awesome vacation time, with good benefits. For now, I need to stick with this job so I try to make the most of it. The work is very boring, and my cubicle is horribly uncomfortable. My desk is far too small for every one of the electronics and paperwork, and things are constantly crashing onto the floor. My chair is old and no longer ergonomic, and by the end of the day, my back always hurts. One of my biggest complaints is definitely temperature and air quality in the building. There is a middle thermostat, and the entire building is heated or cooled by that same temperature. Since my cubicle gets hit with the afternoon sun from the wide open windows, I am always overheated. In the winter, when the central furnace is blasting heat, I sweat profusely while everyone else at the office is perfectly comfortable. In summer time, despite the operation of the air conditioner, I’m still too hot. I’ve begged to switch cubicles, to get shades over the windows, or for the building to upgrade to zoned HVAC control. No one pays any mind to my awful working conditions. The air quality in the building isn’t healthy. There is a boat load of dust and fumes moving around, and we have complaints about high humidity. I’ve tried to convince the management to bring in a ventilation system to help the health and comfort of the staff, but they won’t even listen.

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