newer heating and air

I am getting married this month and I couldn’t be more excited. I come from a good strict family, so they aren’t too happy that we have decided to move in together ahead of wedding. We really didn’t wish to come home from the wedding to such a mess, so we found a dream house beforehand. Neither of us had lived away from home and it was starting to show. My parents were persistent at making me aware of how a house should be managed, the financial issues with utilities and home maintenance, as well the importance of conserving electricity sources. I was all ready to jump in with a plan to get work on our utilities and call out the proper people to help us along with the local HVAC technician. It was an older home and I knew we should have a full heating and cooling assessment. The worst case scenario would follow after he checked our ductwork, air vents and filters.  It was going to be that we may not have a choice but to upgrade to a better system. I was prepared for this knowing the challenges of old houses that my dad taught me. And sure enough this was his suggestion. The positive side of the situation was that there presently exists so many new directions in the HVAC world that one could go with new cooling and heating options to store energy and promote efficiency. We will have to pay a great deal of money first for a newer HVAC model with their particular heat pumps or radiant heating, but in the long run it would save us capital. My dad was so proud of my research that this ended up being his wedding gift to us!