New HVAC system in new house

When a brand new housing community opened up on the other side of town, my husband and I couldn’t stop talking about it. All of the amenities were top-notch, and the houses look beautiful. It made our house pale in comparison, and the two of us decided to move into the new community. We had already been in our old house for about 15 years, and we had speaking on several occasions about moving to another house. This new neighborhood seems like the perfect reason to make that opportunity a reality. Since all of the new houses were being built, we had a lot of options to choose from. We got to pick out the exact type of Windows that we wanted for our home, and we even chose the layout of our master bedroom. We also had choices about our internal appliances. One of our choices was about our kitchen appliances. We had the choice between all stainless steel appliances, or ceramic appliances with our choice of color. Of course we decided to pick the stainless steel appliances. We also had our choices about the HVAC system in our new house. We could choose whichever type of HVAC system that we wanted for our home. My wife and I ultimately chose an HVAC system with a traditional heat pump, and air conditioning system. We were able to upgrade our HVAC system, to include a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat for our HVAC system, would easily be able to control all of the different functions of our system. The smart thermostat would also be able to control other functions throughout our home.

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