New HVAC for the cabin

Growing up I was lucky to always get to enjoy summers at my family’s cabin on the lake. There was never a better get-away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Nowadays most of my family has moved away to other parts of the country, but this means that the cabin was effectively passed down to my wife and me. Recently, to prepare for the summer season, we made a trip out to the lake to do some necessary renovations to the old cabin. The whole thing needed to be repainted, some windows had to be replaced, and we decided to install a little HVAC system to battle the summer heat. Since the cabin is so small, I wasn’t sure if it would maybe make sense to just get a simple window unit air conditioner. Though this may have done the trick, I liked the idea of going all out and getting a proper little HVAC that would also be able to heat the cabin if we ever got around to making a trip out to it during the winter. I got in touch with the HVAC provider in town and they came by to look at the space and figure out which system would be most appropriate. After we picked out the right HVAC with their help, they came and installed it for us. When they arrived, I was surprised to see how small the actual unit was. It would fit in nicely, without taking up too much space, and the air conditioner would keep us nice and cool anytime we made a trip out.

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