New clothes for summer

After I graduated from high school, I decided to move far away. There wasn’t anything in my little town for me, and I dreamed of having bigger things. I decided to move from a small country in the north, to a large city located in the south. It was quite a difference for me. The atmosphere was quite different, because the humidity was fierce. I had never needed A/C very much in the North. My parents didn’t have an A/C system in the house where I grew up, and I had never seen such hot temperatures before. I immediately found an apartment and a roommate, and try to get used to the outdoor conditions. My roommate and I kept our A/C system set to 70 degrees. This temperature helped both of us to stay comfortable during the day, when the sun was at its highest point. We kept our A/C filters changed every 30 days, in order to make sure that our A/C system would always run well. I had to visit the local thrift store, in order to find some summer clothes. Most of the clothing that I had brought with me, was for winter weather. I knew the weather would be very warm, but I had never thought that humidity would be so relentless. I went down to the Goodwill store, and found some tank tops and a few pairs of shorts. I didn’t realize that the South would be such a different environment. I’m glad to have found a great apartment, with a while working A/C system. I am also glad that my roommate likes to have the AC set on a low temperature, just like I do.