Needing AC for the company

One or two nights ago I took an outing with my brother to visit our mo,. She lives in a town about an hour away. After spending the whole day with her we made a decision to get dinner at a neighborhood restaurant. As soon as we walk over the door we realized that this dining area was warmer than it will have been. I had assumed that the A/C was not high enough, and after there was a seat I asked the waitress if she wouldn’t mind turning the thermostat up to a cooler temperature. We had placed our orders when she finally returned to tell us that the thermostat had broken. How do we not really already ordered our food, we would have left and opted for elsewhere. Eating food in your hot dining area was not a good experience. I really don’t think that it’s just a good business practice to force customers you eat in an area that isn’t comfortable. Maintaining an HVAC system is crucial to keeping a internet business operating. we ended up staying for our food, but we were so turn away by the air conditioning situation that we had asked the manager for a partial refund in our meals. He had apologized for the poor dining experience and took half of the cost off of our bill total. Needless to say, we won’t be returning to that restaurant. We left which has a sour taste in our jaws, and we told our family not to ever eat there either. For certain, I bet that if place does not improve its business practices, it is definitely not open much longer.

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