Needed A/C at job interview

I am a nervous sweater. Everytime I get anxious, I start to sweat. I am a certified teacher and I am looking for jobs. So I have to go on a lot of job interviews. The most recent one I did had me also teach a fake lesson to a group of three kids. It is supposed to show off what kind of teacher I am. Well the room they put me in did not have any AC. I also was incredibly nervous to be teaching and being judged by an audience. So I was naturally sweaty, combined with the lack of cooling made it horrible. I could feel the sweat forming under my arms. My back started to get wet and my hair felt a bit moist too. I knew I was a sweaty beast while I was teaching. I knew I had wet stains all over my body. I really need central air conditioning blasting on me in that room. At the very least, a portable air conditioner or window A/C would have done the trick. Instead it felt as if the room had a furnace in it and it was the middle of summer. I have no idea how my lesson was. I think it went alright. But really who would hire the intensely sweaty guy? I bet that is all the interviewers talked about. They won’t remember my name, lesson or credentials. They will only remember I was the really sweaty one. If only there was AC, then I might have gotten the job.

AC device