My sis just got a new pad

My brother just relocated to a warmer area, and so far, he is loving the change. The two of us speak on the phone about twice each week, & he always has cool things to talk about. His city has lots of fun eating establishments & bars, so he has been going to new places every afternoon. The ocean is only about nine minutes away, & once the warm season crowds leave, people bring pets & allow them to run on the sand, which is really neat. Even though he isn’t living right on the ocean, palm trees are everywhere across the city and in front of his apartment. The cost of living is a lot lower, so he got a great loft for a really affordable price. I think the best part about his modern loft is that is has a central heating & cooling system, which is a really luxurious thing for my brother. When we were kids, we didn’t get to have any sort of air conditioning system. Rather than install central air conditioning, our parents had a couple window unit air conditioners situated around the house, but they were constantly breaking down! So far, my brother truly loves having such an advanced HVAC system. He said that there are air vents situated in each room, so the central air conditioning spreads really quickly. He also told me that the thermostat allows him to save certain settings for daytime and nighttime, which makes temperature control a lot easier. This is definitely the nicest place that he has lived in, because it sounds as though all his appliances are very modern! I am so happy that my brother is loving his new city, especially his new central air conditioning! air-and-heat