My new HVAC system

Growing up I was very lucky to know all four of my grandparents and even a couple of my great aunts. As I got older of course so did they and by the time I was twenty four only my grandfather was alive. He was ninety five and still got around pretty well for his age. He lived alone in the big old farm house that my mother and her siblings grew up in. The house was heated with wood and it was cooled with fans and pulling thick blinds over the upstairs windows. After a year of living alone my parents finally convinced my grandfather to move in with them. He was always adamant that he could take care of himself but you could it was a huge amount of relief the day that he moved in with them. My parents even decided to install a new HVAC system before my grandfather moved it. They wanted his to be as comfortable as possible in his final years. They showed him how to make the house warmer and cooler so that if someone was not home with him he could adjust everything to make it more comfortable for himself. He learned very quickly and joked that we was up to speed with the technology and said that maybe he would learn to use the “internets and the facebooks” for now we are all happy that he knows how to use the heating and cooling system in our home.

HVAC repair