My HVAC system is broken!

I was laying on a couch in the middle of my friends living room. I was visiting from out of town and needed a place to spend the night. The room was dark and chilly so I pulled the light blanket I had up to my neck and covered my shoulders. The night started out a pleasant temperature but as it got later the temperature began to drop. I awoke around 4 am freezing cold. I tried to fall back asleep but I was so uncomfortable I couldn’t. I wasn’t sure if his HVAC unit was broken or he didn’t turn the heater on. At this point I wish I had a furnace, radiator or fire right next to me just to stay warm. The temperature gauge read 60 and I could believe it. I was wearing my socks and a sweatshirt just to stay warm. There was no way I was spending another night here. When my friend woke up the next morning he walked out of his room in full winter gear. I asked if his heater was broken and if he needed to call a HVAC technician to come out and have it repaired. “Oh, to save money, we don’t turn the heat on.” He replied.  I couldn’t believe it. Being that uncomfortable every night wouldn’t be worth it. I would have to have the HVAC unit on to enjoy my home. The amount of money you save is not worth the value of comfort and a good night’s sleep. After that night I never spent the night again.

HVAC specialist